The Supreme court of Poland refused to extradite Polanski to the United States

Верховный суд Польши отказался экстрадировать Полански в США

Director Roman Polanski is not threatened by extradition. The Polish Supreme court refused the Prosecutor in the appeal , in which he is accused of raping a minor.

According to the publication The Daily Mail, glasno order of the court, the decision not to extradite Roman to American law enforcement is final and binding and not subject to revision.
Recall that in may this year the Prosecutor General of Poland Zbigniew Ziobro has said it will appeal against the refusal of extradition of the Director because it believes it’s inappropriate to cover the criminal, but the judge decided otherwise.
We will remind that criminal prosecution of Roman Polanski began in 1977, when the Director was accused of raping a thirteen-year-old Smarty Gamer. Then it was reported that the filmmaker drugged the teenager with champagne and drugs, then raped.
In the same year, an American court found Polanski guilty. He even agreed to the mental examination, but realizing that the smell of fried, fled the country. Since the principle of limitation on the escaped criminals does not apply, by the laws of the United States that Polanski can be drawn to answer at any time.