Предполагаемой дочери Муслима Магомаева нашли нового отца Veronica and Irina Korotkova continued to investigate the situation. According to some in his hometown women Safonovo lives a man who believes himself to be the father of her daughter. He passed a DNA test.
Предполагаемой дочери Муслима Магомаева нашли нового отца

In the broadcast of the new edition of the program “actually” came Irina Korotkova. She claims a DNA test, made by the nephew Magomayev and her daughter, was conducted incorrectly. Yuri was even willing to take a Veronica in their family. Now, however, he believes that he was cheated.

“I don’t see more of revealing the truth. I see a PR on the blood, bones. I turned to the detective Agency and hired a man who had serious work”, – said a relative of the artist.

He said that detectives failed to find the real father of Veronica, Konstantin Sokolov. Yuri did not want their family was involved with these impostors. Then in the Studio broke Veronica and attacked with fists on the alleged uncle. He noted that relatives Magomayev do not behave.

Предполагаемой дочери Муслима Магомаева нашли нового отца

Yuri accuses Irina that she was engaged in prostitution. She Korotkina says: all lies. The sister of singer Tatiana Zaitseva revealed some more facts from the past women. Allegedly Irina drank and waited for the customers in the café of a provincial town.

In the middle of the transfer came to the Studio called the girl’s father Konstantin Sokolov. He recalled that the club “Kaskad” met Irina. In 1994, the man allegedly met Korotkina. Experts have found out that Constantine was really familiar with Irina, and they had a relationship. Also revealed another fact: he was not aware that a woman provides sexual services. The falcons learned Korotkina when she participated in one of the previous editions of the talk show.

Предполагаемой дочери Муслима Магомаева нашли нового отца

Sergei Vaskin, who was the owner of the cafe “Cascade”, where sometimes there was Irene, also came to the Studio. “Two or three weeks worked by the administrator, then left. In the 90-ies I haven’t seen her,” said the man. According to Davydov, sometimes his school worked as prostitutes.

Konstantin Sokolov and Veronica Korotkova passed a DNA test. The girl is convinced that her father could be anyone except this man. The experts found that in parallel with Magomayev, a woman had relations with other men.

According to the results of the DNA test found out the truth.

“Fatherhood between Constantine Sokolov and Veronica Korotkova excluded”, – said Dmitry Shepelev.