Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж» Eks-the participant “Houses-2” in the next few years touring the cities as a DJ. The sun told how her fate after the TV show, and why she’s not talking to anyone about his personal life.

      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” the Sun has several years of experience in DJing. She recently recorded the first long track “Breathe” and is currently in St. Petersburg are shooting the video for this song. Song and video dedicated to love and shows a situation which can happen to anyone in real life: the girl has feelings for the young man, she wants to give them to him, and it is absolutely not necessary, he rejects her. “StarHit” talked to the Sun about her work, travels and found out why she hides personal life.

      The sun, you shoot the video for the new song in St. Petersburg. Tell us, what will it be?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»For six years I have been touring Russia as a DJ. Knowing the reaction of the dance floor on this or that music, I started to wonder what songs the public is not enough. I write music and lyrics, so I wrote a new track “Breathe” in modern trends. Video shoot for this song are on the street, no special pavilions and scenery did not. The main characters of the video guy and girl that fight. The theme of the clip is familiar to many young people, so I think that video gets released to the masses. The girl has feelings that she wants to give the young man, and it is somehow not necessary. The clip make you think of people, as they sometimes do. —
      What inspired you to create this song?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»Of course, personal stories and emotions. What I experienced in that moment. This song is about love, the most ordinary human love. Because of misunderstanding and inconsistencies of character, people often leave. In the clip passed the emotions that I experienced. There is a closed part of my life is personal life after “House-2” I do not discuss. But I’m a man, I continue to experience feelings, emotions.
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»
      Someone maintain contacts after the show “Dom-2”? Anastasia Dashko to communicate?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»We rarely communicate. She calls me sometimes with some of the rooms. Basically, She first goes with me. But it seems she is doing well, was in her wedding recently, but you know. —
      How do you react when you learn on the street?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»Yesterday was fun. We did the video. I’m going to Petersburg on the convertible. At the time of the shooting fits the man apologizes and asks to take a picture for my daughter. I sometimes wonder people who know me. The man was 50-60 years old, I wonder how many his daughter, I did not refuse, and we took pictures. Recently, I worked as a DJ at the prom in the town of “White Sail” near St. Petersburg. I spent the disco. “Everything was cool” I have parents of graduates, I think Mike was two when I saw you on TV, and now he finishes school.” Graduates are unable to know me, they recognize me for the first time on stage as a DJ. This is a generation that will know me as a musician and not as a member of the TV show.
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»
      How do you manage to combine a busy work schedule and rest? Because you travel so much…
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»I have a lot of free time. I work, usually two out of seven days. Basically, for two hours a day. I’ll choose my own schedule. I visited 27 countries. The last time I was in Bali, I liked the atmosphere there. Would love to come back there and live for a while. For a long time to go without the services of tour operators. Choose my own route, find accommodation. Typically, they choose to stay with friends, very spontaneous. “Let’s go” – so often the journey starts. Family rarely travel. —
      What else do you do besides DJing? What are your Hobbies?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»Learn. At the moment I’m interested in financial literacy, how it works. By the way, the video for the song “Breathe” we shoot free. I decided to check if I can without a producer to make his art available to the masses. I took part in writing the script of the clip. So you could say that I am my own producer.
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»
      Your song dedicated to love and sets a romantic mood. If I can remember the most vivid date?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»Every place I went as a tourist, is associated with a particular person. I can’t really remember, but these moments were accurate. For me, romance is a certain atmosphere. Must be the flowers, the music, the smell of aromatherapy, candles.—
      How would you in General describe what’s going on in your personal life?
      Солнце: «У меня нет времени выйти замуж»I’m good. As I say to all: because of his schedule simply no time to get married. By the way, here’s my friend, Cornelia Mango, first held to celebrate a wedding, so got married. I followed them with Mr. very happy. I not only was their guest at the ceremony, but played a set for the newlyweds as a DJ.

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