The sudden death of George Michael shocked the world

Внезапная смерть Джорджа Майкла потрясла весь мир Colleagues and fans can’t believe what happened. It is reported that the artist was found “sleeping peacefully in his bed” at home. Originally there were various versions of what happened, but ultimately the Manager is George Michael’s cause called heart failure.

    Внезапная смерть Джорджа Майкла потрясла весь мир

    Tonight the world’s leading media announced the sad news has left the life of legendary singer George Michael. As reported in some foreign publications, the artist found in his house “sleeping peacefully in his bed”. The death of a famous musician was so sudden that the reasons for his departure could only guess. Initially there were various versions of what happened, but later the Manager of George Michael said: the reason for the death of a celebrity could be heart failure.

    The circumstances of the death, as reported by Western sources, does raise serious suspicions, but still require detailed study of the issue. The musician, whose art is loved all over the world, it was only 53 years old.

    It is noteworthy that heart failure George Michael occurred in the Catholic Christmas. Reporting the death of a man, his family said that he went to a special day.

    “With great sadness we inform that our beloved son, brother and friend George Michael died peacefully at his home on the second day of Christmas. The family requests that you understand and respect her privacy during this difficult and emotional period. At this stage there will be no further review,” said friends of the musician.

    Sad news about the departure of a true legend of world music has shocked people from all over the world. Millions of loyal fans George Michael can’t believe the sudden departure of the idol and leave in social networks a lot of posts with words of sorrow and regret. Not remained aloof and famous fellow artists. Discouraged by the messages, they did not try to hide his shock. “I lost a beloved friend – the kind and generous soul and brilliant artist. My heart goes out to his family, friends and all the fans,” he hastened to speak on the page in Instagram Elton John.

    Russian stars I can’t believe George Michael was gone. Within hours, celebrities leave the social media posts in memory of the star. Joseph Prigozhin, Ksenia Novikova, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Kate Gordon, and many others noted that the artist was very talented and brilliant.

    Внезапная смерть Джорджа Майкла потрясла весь мир
    Внезапная смерть Джорджа Майкла потрясла весь мир