The successor of Philip Kirkorov touching congratulated veterans

Наследница Филиппа Киркорова трогательно поздравила ветеранов Alla-Victoria was struck by the sincerity. A little heiress of Philip Kirkorov recited a poem in which he thanked the people who won the Victory. Subscribers girls admire her talent and how well the singer is raising children.

The five daughters of the king of pop scene Philip Kirkorov, Alla-Victoria not so long ago appeared your account in Instagram. From time to time there appear pictures of the girls, telling about her life and Philip publishes video with his daughter, which she usually reads verses by heart. Does it Alla Victoria with a great sense and understanding of what is written is sometimes very difficult for the child’s perception of the line.

May 9, Victory Day, Alla-Victoria congratulated the veterans by reading by heart a poem of the poetess Olga Maslova.

“Thank you heroes, thank you to the soldiers that the world gave then a 45-m. You blood and then got the Victory. You was young, now – grandparents. We the victory shall never forget. Let peaceful the sun shines all people!” – recites in the video, a little girl.

Alla-Victoria is looking very concentrated and serious, but it is incredibly sincere and touching. Obviously that the girl knows what she’s talking about and not just mindlessly memorized words.

Fans of Philip Kirkorov admitted that he is very touched by the mastery of Alla-Victoria and thanked the baby for the tears from which it is hard to resist, while listening to the soulful reciting poems as a little girl.

“Honey, so nice to see such children”, “Alla-Victoria, thank you! As you’ve read the poem. Thank you to all your family and friends for what taught you well. With the Victory day!” “Thank you, wonderful, lovely girl Alla-Victoria! God bless you, sunshine, good fortune and peace always! And give the God of health and longevity in your family, those who educates you and Martin!” – fans admire the skill and talent of the successor of Philip Kirkorov.

We will remind, not so long ago the singer admitted that he regrets that revealed the secret of the birth of their son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria, telling them that he was born by a surrogate mother. Philip regrets that he has solved the mystery of the birth of children

“Our country to such revelations is not ready. Today the issue of surrogacy is discussed quite often, and I’m on his head so many complaints received, ‘ said Philip. – But I did it with one desire – to show that there is salvation and a way out of the situation that people can find happiness and that’s the way. And nothing wrong with that”.