The successor of Oleg Gazmanov lives in a hostel in London

Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне Philip Gazmanov educated in England. The boy showed his room, which offers gorgeous views of the UK capital. The famous singer admitted that he did not withdraw for son’s apartment, so as not to spoil it.

      Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне

      Last summer, people’s artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov celebrated its 65th anniversary. In the Studio of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov has all the big family of the famous musician, as well as his friends and colleagues, who not only congratulated the singer sports the national stage, but also remembered the bright moments of the biography of the star. Oleg Gazmanov not hide your age, because his physical form can be the envy of young men.

      To maintain its stellar father and to take part in the transfer from London came the son of the artist, 18-year-old Philip Gazmanov. Oleg Gazmanov has stood up for the son-the fashion model

      The young person receives education in one of the universities of the British capital. But before Philip appeared in the Studio, “Tonight”, the program showed the story from London. As it turned out, the son of Oleg Gazmanov lives in the dormitory, where a separate room and a kitchen. However, the window offers gorgeous views of Central London.

      Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне“Here I showed my room, Philip. – My humble lair. Cook himself. Food I’m picky, absolutely omnivorous. For Breakfast I usually have toast with ham and cheese. It turns out not so good as in Russia. But nothing. Of course, I don’t eat well. The house my dad cooking a barbecue.”

      The young man also said that a decision on his future profession was made at the family Council. “My father and brother are musicians. In preschool I played in the “Fidgets”, tried to sing. But it was said that musicians in the family was enough, and I’m studying marketing and advertising,” continued the young man.

      Philip Gazmanov just like his father, passionate about sports. Every morning he makes a run in London, the day the student attends classes.

      Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне“The love of the sport instilled in me father. When I was a kid, he made me do push-UPS, chin-UPS. And I’m grateful. Now, when with his father in the Elevator going, always keep the area to the last floor. Who will last longer” – said Philip.

      In the final he did a handstand, adding that dedicates to her father.

      “By the way, I thought you flat son shoot in London, as you have so modestly all” – with humorous notes in the voice asked Oleg Gazmanov Andrei Malakhov after the end of the story. “And we do not Majorem. All simple,” replied the artist.

      When Philip Gazmanov appeared in the Studio, it became obvious just how friendly and trusting relations Oleg Gazmanov with his son. The young man admitted that he was proud of his father and immensely excited about the fact that his life is the person with whom he can consult on any topic.

      Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне
      Наследник Олега Газманова живет в общежитии в Лондоне