The success or failure? Halle berry in “men’s” way

Успех или провал? Хэлли Берри в «мужском» образе

The actress was spotted at the airport in London with a two year old son, Maceo. The outfit stars has been very controversial.

Halle berry is known for its love for unusual, sometimes even extravagant outfits. On the red carpet it has no equal in shock value! As it turned out, in everyday life, outfits of the actress also far from ideal. On the days paparazzi captured berry at Heathrow airport, where they flew from Los Angeles with a young son, Maceo. In the pictures the star of the film “Gothic” just don’t learn!

And it’s not just the new ultra-short haircut in the spirit of 20-ies, but in the outfit. The choice fell on Hallie baggy faded jeans, a black oversized tunic and a beige coat like hers. The actress complemented the heavy cowboy boots.

Meanwhile, women’s sets in men’s style – one of the main trends of the last several seasons. But, apparently, the actress failed to recreate the perfect androgynous look. Do you like the way that tried on Halle berry?

What can you say about the outfit Hallie? You could do that?

  • I love these kits, and Hallie looks at her is just perfect!
  • I like male things, but the way the actress clearly failed.
  • Her these things generally do not go!
  • I love feminine, slinky outfits, and outfit because the actress certainly not for me!

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