The story of the scandal with children in the Kremlin continued

История со скандалом с детьми в Кремле получила продолжение The organizers of Art-Premium People Awards, the complaints came back in the summer. As it turns out, the scandal with the award to the talented children in the State Kremlin Palace – not only provoked by its organizers.

      История со скандалом с детьми в Кремле получила продолжение

      The scandal that erupted during the awards ceremony of the talented children in the State Kremlin Palace, has received unexpected continuation. On Saturday, the Network began to spread information about the fact that the organizers of Art-Premium People Awards is not the first time forthcoming, to put it mildly, ugly with members of their festivals.

      As says the author of the post, last summer, the children and their parents, who applied for participation in “Sochi-FEST”, I had quite a shock, arriving in the city on the Black sea.

      “Attention! The organizer of the festival “Art premium” Director Svetlana Sukhanova raised money for the organization of the festival “Sochi-FEST” and disappeared. To the last letters arrived e-mails. For 3 days shutting down all the phone numbers of the organizers. 23 August the opening of the festival was not. Today, June 24, arrived for registration and the contest together with the children and parents on a specified concert hall, and the contest is not! No one! All phones of organizers of the disabled. Found Director Svetlana Sukhanov and, apparently, her husband Ivan Sukhanov in social networks. Both online, but the messages — ignore. All groups this organizer urgently at 9:00 is locked. The kids are upset. Teachers and parents in shock. I’ll tell you more: do you know how many came in groups from all over Russia?! And all in shock! Director of concert venues do not know who we are, where, why and what contest! We will contact the Prosecutor’s office. All good and not fall into the hands of “Art-premium”, even six months ago, I wrote Lydia Kovalchuk on the forum “Songs for children”.

      Recall, held on Friday the ceremony of the national award to the talented children of the Art-Premium People Awards turned a terrible scandal. Allegedly the program was announced the awarding of the prizes to all children participating in the festival of performing arts. In fact, the organizers decided to confine the gala concert, what young talents and their parents were not notified in advance. Waited for several hours in the hall of outraged parents of children blocked one of the organizers of the event Svetlana Sukhanov in the lobby, demanding that she answer their questions. It is worth noting that all the young musicians and their party arrived in the capital at his own expense, and even paid money for tickets to the Kremlin.

      Appease angry citizens had Andrei Malakhov, who was leading the gala concert. Andrey Malakhov: “This story is about what we need to learn to lose”

      “Tonight I kind of found themselves on different sides of the barricades, – said the chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. – It is clear that what happened in part associated with me because I was leading. But to ignore the dissatisfaction of parents, I could not. Inclined to write off the whole story on Friday, the 13th. of Course, the organization of the event could be better. But what I did not like: there is a concert, everyone finally calmed, the scene deserved haired wise Bedros Kirkorov, and then begins again in the hall: “Awards! Rewarding!” First of all, it tells about the culture of behavior of adults who use their children in vain…”