The story of the arrest of the boy on the Arbat took an unexpected turn

История с задержанием мальчика на Арбате получила неожиданный поворот His own mother called the police. Last Friday, Oscar read “hamlet” in Moscow, thus attracting the attention of law enforcement. They decided that he thus earns money. Now there’s a new detail.
История с задержанием мальчика на Арбате получила неожиданный поворот

The story of 10-year-old boy who recited “hamlet” on the Arbat, continues to excite the public. As it turned out, the student lives with father and stepmother. According to parents, the woman was with him was on the Arbat. However, it remains unclear why she did not intervene at the moment when the child was taken to the police station. Law enforcement officers suspected him of begging. The parents claimed that the Oscar was just overcome stage fright. Lawyer about the arrest of the boy on Arbat street: “I wouldn’t have passed him”

Today it became known that the mother of the child filed a statement to the police. She accuses ex-husband Ilya Skavronsky and his fiancee Christina in that they attracted the boy’s begging. This was stated by the Deputy head of Department of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Yuri Titov.

The radio station law enforcement officials said that according to the birth mom, the stepmother took the boy collected the money. However, the detail remains that of the student. The woman asked the baby’s father to forbid Oscar to speak on the street.

Yuri Titov said that the mother of 10-year-old boy wrote a statement, in accordance with article 151 of the Criminal Code “Involvement of minors in antisocial activity.”. If the court decides in favor of the plaintiff, then the defendant faces up to four years of imprisonment depending on the gravity of the crime. Law enforcement officer said the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, that is now under investigation verification.

After the case has caused such a resonance, the boy drew the attention of some celebrities. Star of TV series “Univer” Alex Lemar personally met Oscar and was left in awe of his abilities. He remembered that when-that too were on the street.

“I was very disgusted with this situation, as I also overcame their hesitation and fears in childhood. I sang songs, read poems to the street. I lived in the Crimea and entertained the audience there. Besides, I met the parents of Oscar, they are creative people, intellectuals and, of course, they are outraged that the son just took it and somewhere dragged. Oscar is a lovely, smart guy,” shared Lemar with “StarHit”.