The storm unveiled the escaped from the rehabilitation center Aspen

Штурм обнародовала снимок сбежавшего из реабилитационного центра Осина According to star, he was seen in one of the capital’s supermarkets. The singer shared the shot, which shows how the ocean becomes alcohol. Subscribers actress surprised, because the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” needs to be treated abroad.
Штурм обнародовала снимок сбежавшего из реабилитационного центра Осина

A few weeks ago Evgeny Osin went to a rehabilitation center on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. It was there for six months is Dana Borisova, who suffered from drug addiction. It deals with the singer and helps him to follow the program. Aspens were in touch with the presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” on the link for a videoconference. Many have noted that he looks great. However, the first time the star of the 90s was not easy: he staged a hunger strike, as it is strongly attracted to alcohol. According to the rules of stay in the center, patients are selected mobile phones and money.

“I understand that we deny our dependence. But we need to do something, because all signs indicate that this will end badly. Up to a lethal outcome. I wish you get back on the road to recovery. First, failing liver, pancreas, then his legs, and then start diseases such as pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, and in the worst case cirrhosis of the liver,” said Osin.

Evgeniy Osin: “a month I don’t eat”

However, the network appeared the information that the artist suddenly returned to Moscow. His friend Natalie Storm released the picture, which can be seen as the male acquires alcohol products in a supermarket.

“I can’t believe it. Is our star back? Once in the store, improve your health… Oh, Zhenya Osin… And I’m saying that’s how it will end,” said Sturm.

During a stay in rehab Osin often expressed dissatisfaction. The artist asked the staff for the scooter, and also complained about the lack of pocket money. Fans Storm joined her point of view: a person cannot be saved from addiction, yet he does not want to.

Earlier, the Storm already suspected, that aspen will not be able to overcome itself. Because of the alcohol from the actor allegedly left his wife, took the daughter.”He’s cute when sitting, and he drinks. For many, this will be helpful information – how to find a common language with marrying a Wasp. Need to bring a bottle to give money – and you’re good.” – to observe Natalia.