Стюардесса купила 200 сумок Hermès Birkin

The owner of the largest collection of luxury accessories became 42-the summer inhabitant of Singapore Jamie Chu.

You can afford to have a few dozen Birkin bags from Hermès can not every star. Still, the cost of the accessory, even the simple model is measured in tens of thousands of dollars, and turn to them for the year ahead. But the former flight attendant managed to get to his collection of as many as 200 copies!

42-year-old Jamie Chu is popular in Singapore IT-Girl. Once she was just a stewardess with Singapore Airlines. She is lucky, on Board was a multimillionaire, Nordian cook, they met in the sky and fell in love with each other! Thus began the glamorous tale. From employee of the airline Jamie became the wife of the richest man and had two children, launched her own cosmetic line. The couple divorced in 2011, but the generous maintenance from ex-spouse’s and own income has allowed Chu to collect a unique wardrobe collection.

About their new things the girl talks every day on Instagram, signed up more than 350 thousand people. But the other day Jamie decided to satisfy the curiosity of fans and took a video tour of his dressing room.

Oh gods, why are there only! Yana Rudkovskaya on the background of Jamie Chu just shy.

Behind the glass flaunt 200 bags Hermes Birkin a variety of colors, all models of Chanel handbags, a separate Shoe room with a collection of Gucci, Christian Louboutin, a chest of jewelry from the famous French brand Cartier, sunglasses by Fendi!

This is not a dressing room, and a real treasure, looking at that involuntarily start to think that all we have to go to the flight attendants.

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