The status of Oleg Tabakov has deteriorated dramatically

Состояние Олега Табакова резко ухудшилось
Famous actor continues to fight the disease.

Oleg Tabakov

In late November, in a press there were disappointing reports that Oleg Tabakov hospitalized in the First city hospital of Moscow. The famous actor and darling of the public was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctors did not hesitate — did Oleg Pavlovich emergency surgery. Some time after this he was in intensive care and the doctors were afraid to do any forecasts. They only said that the actor “is in a critical condition”. Relatives Tabakov all this time they were close to him, discarding all the cases. The actor even hooked up to a ventilator, so it was serious.

A week after emergency hospitalization good news. It was reported that tobacco gradually got better: I started to eat porridge and even got out of bed. He was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward.

“I can say that today as Oleg Pavlovich stable, — told reporters the Deputy mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, who oversees the medical institutions of the capital. All indicators, including blood counts improve. He had the appetite. He slowly began to stand up. We are seeing a positive trend. So agents of funeral services please do not worry”.

Today, unfortunately, as Oleg Tabakov became worse again. About this channel REN TV reported by hospital staff. The details are being investigated. Fans look forward to comments from friends of Oleg Pavlovich. They hope that soon he will again be better and that he will be able to celebrate the New year in the family circle.