The statement of the jury of the Vine of the dead Oleg Yakovlev has provoked a scandal

Высказывание Юрия Лозы об умершем Олеге Яковлеве спровоцировало скандал The composer believes that the deceased singer of “Ivanushki International” has no talent. According to Yuri Vines, Oleg Yakovlev and his colleagues in the team did not differ extraordinary ability, but simply meet the demands of producers. The composer also added that Oleg needed to pay more attention to their health.
Высказывание Юрия Лозы об умершем Олеге Яковлеве спровоцировало скандал
Высказывание Юрия Лозы об умершем Олеге Яковлеве спровоцировало скандал

Composer Yuri Loza, known for his sharp remarks about the personalities of Russian show-business expressed his views on the work of the group “Ivanushki International”. Last week died Oleg Yakovlev, one of the former soloists of the group. On Saturday at the troyekurovskoye cemetery held a ceremony of farewell to the singer and his cremation. In Moscow said goodbye to the ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev

Many have suggested that “Ivanushki-International” touched by an evil fate. Yakovlev came to the place of Igor Sorin, who tragically died in 1998. Vine takes the position that artists do not follow the health.

“A plague on the team. The second soloist of the leaves. Know several examples where entertainers reckless attitude to their health. Sasha Barykin — the same situation. He was told to lie down, he went on tour. Need to think a head a little, it is not iron man. Zhenya Belousov — he also said, watch yourself, take care of health, doctors said. All the time we hope for the best. Sorry, when people for no reason, out of the blue themselves make such problems”, – said the composer.

The famous composer was of the opinion that Yakovlev had time to turn to doctors. According to Yuri Prikhodko, some of his colleagues in show business adequately assess their strength, so eventually “burn out”.

“Somewhere I can relax, and sleep, in the temple to go, to sit on the beach with a fishing rod and just relax. If you know that your body is not very good, Kutaisi, buy a belt of dog hair. I understand this life, I practice, I’m sorry,” added musical figure.

Analyzing the songs of the group, Yury Eduardovich focuses on the fact that the trio has collaborated with talented writers and producers, and they do not represent. Musical activist stressed that “Ivanushki International” are absolutely worthless in the matter of creativity.

“It’s just normal guys, good. I have to treat them very well. But they do not need to be creative to mix. They put the numbers, wrote the songs, picked up on the facial features. And Yakovlev had picked up on the facial features. He left, but nevertheless you have to understand that he was needed as a type. Let’s be honest, what he wrote? He made? Caught the right person at the right time. Flashed face, and useful. This does not mean that it is something big done. He was born – all,” said Vine.

Many condemned the composer for what he criticized the man who a few days ago died. According to users of networks, Yuri Eduardovich should not have so abruptly to speak to the artist, as it can be frustrating relatives of the deceased singer. By the way, the media have advanced several reasons that could cause such a sudden death. A number of publications wrote that the actor had AIDS. The girl Oleg Alexander Kutsevol then plans to sue the haters, which tarnished the reputation of the man.