Состояние Веры Глаголевой ухудшилось после смерти брата от онкологии Approaching the tragic anniversary of 40 days after the death of the famous actress and Director. Close Vera Glagoleva was hoping that she will manage to overcome a serious illness. Producer Natalia Ivanova, who worked with the star, said that in recent months her condition was unstable.
Состояние Веры Глаголевой ухудшилось после смерти брата от онкологии

16 August, died, people’s artist of Russia Vera Glagoleva. Long time actress and Director has struggled with cancer. The movie star was trying not to show his diagnosis, so the information about him came as a shock to many fans of women. After leaving Glagoleva from the life her friends have found the strength to talk about serious illness celebrities.

Producer Natalia Ivanova, who worked with Vera Vitalevna on a number of the paintings, told reporters that the condition of her colleague and friend deteriorated after the loss of a loved one. Environment Glagoleva believed that she will manage to overcome serious illness. She never complained and was full of energy.

“Faith got worse in February, after the funeral of his brother Boris, who also died from cancer. In the past six months her health was unstable, but still nobody thought about the terrible outcome we were hoping cost. She has until the last day was a huge lust for life, desire to work and create. I do know that it was not in her plans,” – said Ivanov.
Состояние Веры Глаголевой ухудшилось после смерти брата от онкологии

Friend Vera Glagoleva noted that sometimes loved ones have forgotten about the illness of the actress. “Lively, easy, she worked for two”, says the producer. The woman always cut short any conversation on this subject that was taboo in her circle.

“I’m also satisfied with what she has to say for herself. As we worked closely, made films, and is a complex process, involving Finance, dozens of people, I knew a little more than others, especially when it came to her departure for treatment,” says a friend of the star.

The latest work Glagoleva was socio-psychological drama “Clay pit” on the play by Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina. Colleagues of the actress and the Director intend to complete its work and to shoot some scenes. It is planned that this will happen in the autumn in Kazakhstan, and the audience will see the film next year.

According to the memoirs of Natalya Ivanova, Vera Glagoleva has never parted with his phone and was always in touch with family. Actress was important to know all the details of the lives of daughters. “Her girls are now very hard. Faith was the axis, the center of gravity of a large and close-knit family,” said the producer. She also added that the star found the strength to reconcile with her ex-husband Rodion by Nahapetavan living in the United States. The Director often came to Moscow and was invited to her children. “He came to the funeral and said goodbye to Faith, it was very important,” Ivanov was quoted by the newspaper “Trud”. Rodion Nahapetov came to the funeral of Vera Glagoleva