Звёзды примут участие в благотворительной выставке-пристройстве
Many of us see in the pictures the star people animals. Most often it is the Pets bought from breeders and cost a few tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of rubles. But in shelters are animals that can appeal to a future owner, often these kids are no less committed and educated, and most importantly incredibly grateful to you for letting him find a new home.

Звёзды примут участие в благотворительной выставке-пристройстве

For example, Lena Knyazeva not so long ago has helped the dog named Simba angry knackers deprived legs. Now Simba lives in the house and Elena, seen in canine eyes, enjoying life.

Звёзды примут участие в благотворительной выставке-пристройстве

Звёзды примут участие в благотворительной выставке-пристройстве

Звёзды примут участие в благотворительной выставке-пристройстве

In September the stars again ready to help the Pets that have not yet found a home. On September 17 the Center for contemporary art “winery” will be the yuna-fest — exhibition-pristroystvo cats from shelters, organized by the Centre for the rehabilitation of temporarily homeless animals, “yuna”.

You can come not only for chatting with celebrities, but and maybe meet your future pet will become a friend to all isnb. At the Winery you will have to wait more than forty mustachioed participants from several orphanages of Moscow and Moscow region, who dream to find a family.

All animals presented at the exhibition, vaccinated, and sterilized, is mandatory, shall be examined by a veterinarian prior to the event, so communication with animals is perfectly safe.

Even if you are not yet ready to have a pet, come to “Winery” for positive emotions, emotional communication with the most affectionate cats, cats and kittens. You are waiting for interesting master-classes, charity market, children’s area and draws for cool prizes. Also at the exhibition you will be able to ask questions and get recommendations for the care and maintenance of Pets from a leading vet center “yuna”. The festival will be organized aid collection point for animals from shelters, to bring food, medicines, toys and other Goodies.

Date: 17 Sep 2017

Place: Centre for contemporary art “Winery”, Vintage hall.

Address: 4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1/8, building 6

Cost: Free

A little information about the center:

Center “yuna” is a comprehensive centre for training animals to stay at home. The centre is being constructed in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region and will include a veterinary clinic, open-air complex for the wards of animals, playpen, play area, and a lecture hall for educational and recreational activities. The opening is planned for early 2018.

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