The stars will play by the rules Alina Baybakovoy

Звезды будут играть по правилам Алины Байбановой
The other day in the trendy restaurant house “Buloshnaya” stars of film, television and show business will be a test of the psychological game, revealing the extent of their understanding with their children.

Звезды будут играть по правилам Алины Байбановой

Conditional on the playing field with your star children will be released: film Director Roman Kachanov (“DMR”, “Down house”, “Tumbler”), TV presenters Ivan Usachev and Lou Ferrigno, poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, composer Grigory Gladkov, General Alexander Rutskoy (with her granddaughter Sophia) and even the venerable family of Musin-Pushkin, headed by the young Countess Alexandra. Also waiting for Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna and the other star people, whose children made his debut as a stage designer for new book “Adults and children” star psychologist and writer Alina Baybakovoy.

Звезды будут играть по правилам Алины Байбановой

She came up with a number of entertaining pichoir that all honest people will show the degree of intimacy of “fathers and children” and their ability to understand each other perfectly.

In such an informal setting, will be served presentation of the new book “Adults and children” a famous psychologist.

According to Alina Baybakovoy, our society has entered a new era of “fathers and children” and it is very different from the era of Turgenev. Therefore, the questions in the book reflect solely modern, taken by the psychologist of her rich practice.

15 chapters and “speaking” of subject headings examined pathological fascination with children gadgets, relationships busy mom with a left to nurse the child, the underlying causes of a child throwing things in the room, the problems of noisy children and the children good, and how it can affect a child’s busy schedule of his life, built by ambitious parents…

New knowledge, which is divided in the book by the famous psychologist, first became interested in star parents.

Although the above person still does not appear in the client list of a psychologist Alina Baybakovoy, but they allowed their children to speak in the book, graphic artists and, thus, the faster everyone to join this thread.
According to Alina Baybakovoy, drawings, which sent her star children, took her by the eloquent and perfectly illustrate the theme of family relations reflected in the book.

Now the young artists will come to the presentation in a fashionable restaurant not only to get the first fee, but also to test their parents and find out how star moms and dads understand their children’s view of adulthood…

Leading the presentation will also star mommy is a Russian actress and top model Irina Dmitrakova. She will attend the presentation with his son and possibly, also will test their relationship with a child on psychograph Alina Baybakovoy.

The book was published Lazukka and already spreads on a site with wind speed.

Maria Tarasova

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