The stars recall the exploits of the heroes

Звезды вспоминают подвиги героев
Celebrities congratulate with the Victory Day.

Today, in honor of Victory Day, a Russian celebrity remember the heroic deeds of their relatives involved in the war. Among them was singer Jasmine, who recently became a mother for the third time.

“The great Patriotic war has affected
every home, every family! My grandfather and his brother were very young men left to fight
to the front Back only… grandfather… His brother disappeared without a
lead… every family has its own history, its own Heroes and they all believed in
victory and a bright future, in which we live! They gave it to us! From
the depths of my heart I want to say THANK you to our Heroes for their
the feats and bravery! Kowtow and eternal memory! With the holiday
Victory!” — Jasmine wrote in his microblog.

Звезды вспоминают подвиги героев

Jasmine grandfather and his brother

Photo: @jasminshor Instagram Jasmine

Memories of their grandparents, who were very young went to the front shared and Alena Sviridova. “My grandfather Buryanov Vasily Markovich.
He died in 1941. Was a sapper. In his honor I named his eldest son. All
life missed him, a portrait hanging always. On Victory Day, grandpa! Although
forty-first you were only 25! Congratulations to all-all-all!” — said Alain.

Звезды вспоминают подвиги героев

Grandfather Of Alena Sviridova, Buryanov Vasily Markovich

Photo: @alenasviridova Instagram Alena Sviridova

Congratulations to the veterans and joined Evelina Bledans, which told the story of his grandfather. “Thank you grandpa for the Victory! My grandpa
Nicholas G. Wasinski I bow to you and Eternal Glory from your children
grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the entire country! Eternal Glory To The Heroes! Thanks for the pure
the sky!” — wrote Evelina.

Звезды вспоминают подвиги героев

Nicholas G. Basinski, grandfather of Evelina Bledans

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

A story of bravery and heroism of their loved ones and told Denis Klyaver. “The great Patriotic War has affected
every family. From a million stories and lives to share. Two grandfathers
defended our country from the enemy. Victor T. Oleynikov and Leo Naftalevich
Clever. During the war, grandpa Victor was an engineer-captain on clearance. It
participated in the events on Khalkhin-in the Second Russo-Japanese war of 1939.
Further, during the Second world war, he served in the far East. And in 1945 participated
in the Russo-Japanese war. Submitted the numerous awards the second world war, including
awarded Order of the red Star. The title “Colonel”. Grandpa Lev
he was drafted in 1941 and fought from the first until the last day. First on
the West, and then in the East, i.e. at the end of the Second World war, in may
In 1945, he was transferred to the Eastern front to participate also in
The Soviet-Japanese war. During this period he was wounded twice, but returned again
to the front. Submitted the numerous awards the second world war. The war was in the title
the “ordinary”. In one of his letters to my grandmother Clara, he began with the words:
“I write to you from the lair of the enemy…” i.e. it could be Berlin! Who knows
fighting on the Eastern front, may be, my dear grandfathers and crossed
somewhere, not knowing each other… war Heroes, my heroes! Proud of, appreciate and remember!
Happy holiday to all of you friends!!! With great victory day!!! To never anyone
not to know the trouble that brings war, which survived our grandparents! But
so we always remember what price was given to us by our world!” — posted by Denis Cleaver.

Both grandparents Denis Claver

Photo: @Instagram denisklyaver Denis Klyaver

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