The stars of “Youth” will tell about the first love

Звезды «Молодежки» расскажут о первой любви
The actors are preparing for the premiere of the play based on stories Vampilov.

Звезды «Молодежки» расскажут о первой любви

Vlad Kanopka, Igor Ogurtsov, Ekaterina Leonov, Nikolai Alekseev and Yana Kraynova

Photo: Instagram Yana Kranovoj

To see the actors from the popular series “Junior” and “Diary
Dr. Zaitseva,” now you can not only on television but also in theater
stage. The star STS is preparing for the premiere of the lyrical Comedy “end of the affair”
the stories of Alexander Vampilov. Yana Kraynova, Vlad Kanopka, Igor Ogurtsov, Nikolay
Alekseev, Ivan Dubrovsky and Ekaterina Leonova decided to tell you about first love.

“Since our target audience is, first and foremost,
teenagers, we decided to take the topic close to them the first serious feelings about
relations between boys and girls. And oddly enough, best of all it
wrote that the Soviet dramatists. The basis of our performance lay six beautiful
stories Vampilov. This year he
would have turned 80 years and we thought it symbolic to remind you of the creativity classic,” he said Yana

Yana Krainova and Vlad Kanopka

Photo: Instagram Yana Kranovoj

Interesting detail: the backbone of the play are not only stars
series STS, but graduates of VGIK. Yana Krainova and Vlad Kanopka studied
the course of Vladimir Grammatikov, Igor Ogurtsov in the Studio of Igor Yasulovich, and
Ekaterina Leonov and Nikolay Alekseev Alexander Mikhailov. Only one of
this six — Ivan Dubrovsky graduated from the theatre Institute named Shchukin, its
master was Yuri Nifontov.

The premiere of “end of the affair” is scheduled for Feb.