Звезды «Сладкой жизни» раскрыли тайны своего прошлого
Maria Shumakova and Roman Makin rehearsing a play about the early life of his characters.

Maria Shumakova and Roman Makin

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday on the TNT channel launched a new season of the popular series “Sweet life”. The creators of the controversial project has upset fans with the news that this series will become the latest adventures of favorite characters on television. However, the actors of the “Sweet life” is also not yet ready to leave their favorite project, so they created a show based on the series.

“It will not be a continuation of the story and its beginning, — says the performer of the role of Natasha — actress Maria Shumakova. — The play is called “the Sweet life. Rewind”. In it we talk about how he met Vadim and Natasha about their feelings before the wedding, that changed when he first cheated on his wife… the Two main characters trying to figure out at what point they made a mistake”.

The Director of the show made famous in theatrical circles Vasily Barkhatov. In addition to Chumakovo and Makena on stage can be seen and Lukeria Ilyashenko, in which the series was played mistress Vadik Leroux.

Premiere of “Rewind” will be held in Moscow in early June, Estrada theatre.

“I’m sure our play will be interesting not only to fans of the series, but also other people who want to understand the relationship between a man and a woman — said Shumakov. — A every third who came to the premiere of the Roma girl can kiss!” (Laughs).

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