The stars of the film “4 weddings and a funeral” met for the first time in twenty years

Звёзды фильма «4 свадьбы и одни похороны» встретились впервые за двадцать лет

Hugh Grant and Andy MacDowell had not seen for 22 years, the same have passed since the release of the famous Comedy of “4 weddings and a funeral”, which became once the cult. Who would have thought that the main characters will break up that long.

58-year-old Andy and 56-year-old Hugh was found during the awarding ceremony of the Hollywood Film Awards, where the Grant was awarded as best supporting actor for his role in the film “Florence Foster Jenkins”. Hugh was under the impression from the meeting with McDowell, mentioned in her acceptance speech.
“You survived better than I do. You are just wonderful, and I’m just depressed. You’re a southern peach, and I – what they call me Twitter – wrinkled scrotum” joked Grant.
Hugh once told me that has nothing to do with those cute boys, which has always translated to the screen – in real life he “dry, egocentric workaholic”.