The stars of the Disney channel grew significantly: Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and Hilary Duff

Звезды канала Дисней заметно подросли: Майли Сайрус,  Зак Эфрон и Хилари Дафф

Звезды канала Дисней заметно подросли: Майли Сайрус,  Зак Эфрон и Хилари Дафф

Time really flies! Because the Disney channel is working today. Looking back we can see how our favorite Disney stars have changed over the years!

Before it became a modern, young woman, singing about love and loss, Miley Cyrus was the epitome of the serial Hannah Montana. Taking on two roles, the singer of “Slide Away” played a normal teenage girl who had a little secret — she was a famous pop star! Miley played Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011, and in 2009 played the same role in the feature film. After her disney career ended, she had difficult and thorny path of the young star. Miley, as you know, co-starred with Liam Hemsworth in the movie 2010 “the Last song” and released several albums, soon plans to release her new album “She Is Miley Cyrus”. Miley fans realized that the star has already grown up. Finally it became clear after its division in 2019 with her boyfriend Liam and entry into a new relationship with Cody Simpson.

Звезды канала Дисней заметно подросли: Майли Сайрус,  Зак Эфрон и Хилари Дафф

Of course, Miley isn’t the only former Disney star who has grown significantly since its appearance on the small screen. Actor Zac Efron quickly became a full-fledged movie star ever since, how to put on a legendary basketball Mike Troy Bolton! After the musical “high school musical 3″ in 2008, the role of the young actor fell down roles in movies such as” “Снова17”, “the Double life of Charlie St. cloud” and “the Paperboy,” “the Neighbors” along with funny guy Seth Rogen. In 2016, Zach also appeared in the sequel, and continued to demonstrate his comedic abilities with Mike and Dave Wade in the movies “Wedding frenzy” and “Baywatch”. His films 2019 showed two very different sides of Zac, with his powerful performance as Ted Bundy in the movie “the Beautiful, the bad and the ugly” and his comedic talents in “Beach bum” with the winner of the Oscar Matthew McConaughey. Of course, Zach also experienced his share of personal growth after he and a former colleague in the film Vanessa Hudgens broke up in 2010 after about five years of relationship.

When it comes to favorite Disney rides, it is impossible not to talk about Hilary Duff. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Hilary Duff was something of a leader of Disney and starred in many Disney movies and her own show. Fans certainly will recognize Hillary for her unforgettable role of Lizzie McGuire in the TV show. Hilary played the main role of an ordinary schoolgirl, which often had different twists and turns. In 2003, based on the series appeared feature film, in which Hilary played the same old Lizzie, and her Italian DoppelgangeR Isabella. Along with its role as Lizzy, Hilary also starred in the original film of Disney Channel’s “Cadet Kelly” in 2002, together with colleagues from Disney Christy Carlson Romano. Hilary had also had a successful music career during her stay as the star of Disney. The actress and singer has released many albums. Since then, as she became a Disney star, Hilary became the mother of two wonderful children.

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