Звезды «Физрука» остались без работы In the new season of the acclaimed series will never be the same characters, except one, played by Dmitry Nagiyev. The artists who worked on the set of the first episodes, can’t hide my feelings of disappointment and regret.

      A new series of “Teacher” on TNT that will show in 2017, will be radically different from the previous one. As planned by the writers, the hero Nagieva Thomas will look for his father. While the series will cease to be heroes who will be remembered by viewers the first season. However, the creativity of the creators is not clear to all.

      Fans asked the singer the lead role of Sasha Popova Polina grents, whether it is in the fourth part of the series. The negative answer of the stars has caused a flurry of outrage and surprise among the subscribers to its microblog. “It’s a shame. It is unclear,” wrote one of the fans grents on Instagram. “Oh! The teacher’s not the teacher!” – added another girl.

      “It is true and not PR, – confirmed the “StarHit” Director Polina grents. – From the old heroes, except Dmitry, no one – not the nut who plays Vladimir Sychev, nor Pauline , whose role takes Oksana Sidorenko. Sorry.”

      For the time that the series “Fizruk” in the air, “a’s chubby,” Sasha, played by Polina grents, has become a real idol of youth. For three seasons the figure of Sasha experienced a real evolution. In the third part of the series from the girl literally did not know – it appears to be a slender beauty. Not without the help of “StarHit”. Polina grents participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit” and lost six pounds. At the end of the project grents weighed 52 kg at growth of 168 pounds. Colleagues no longer recognize the actress, Polina herself feel unprecedented ease and energized.

      “At the presentation of TNT have asked me: “is that You?” – shared with “StarHit” Pauline. – Wanted to feed, and I just smiled. Finally, I put on a slinky dress and not worried on the subject of tummy or sides. It sat perfectly! The first 5 pounds I took off on their own, start to eat five times a day. Two more left during my participation in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”. Now I have to lose another two pounds.

      Now the star, carefully watch their diet. Every morning grents drink a glass of warm water, and then eat Breakfast oatmeal with fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner actress, mainly consist of boiled chicken breast, vegetables, seaweed. If the evening she was concerned about the feeling of hunger, then she prepares a salad with cucumber, tomato, chicken breast and a drop of olive oil.

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