The stars of show business in their own way have congratulated defenders of the Fatherland

Звезды шоу-бизнеса по-своему поздравили защитников Отечества Ekaterina Varnava, Anfisa Chekhov, Anna Semenovich, Irina Bezrukova, Christina Aguilera and many others noted on 23 February. The stars of show business congratulated defenders of the Fatherland and remember the most important men in my life.

Any holiday is not only an occasion not just to celebrate but also to congratulate publicly and beautifully all those who to the holiday involved. February 23, the Day of defender of the Fatherland, the stars of show business, especially the beautiful part of it, actively performs with regards to their social pages in the Network.

For example, Valery has shared a photo of his father in uniform, Yekaterina Varnava noted that she is the daughter of Colonel and Alika Smekhova published a photo with dad – actor Benjamin Smekhova and explained that not only is he famous actor, but also a reserve officer. Kristina Orbakaite prepared, in turn, festive collage and signed it briefly: “congratulations, guys!”.

And Anna Semenovich spent the day in the Taman division, and recorded a birthday video dressed in a military uniform.

“My dear beloved man! I love you from all his big-hearted congratulations on the occasion. I wish you health, happiness, love, strength, and most importantly – treat us, girls, because we are nowhere without you. I love you very much! – You know what I wish? A big, tough horse in the garage, beautiful, favorite, loving woman at home and, of course, that all your dreams come true” – said Anna Semenovich.

“Defender of the Fatherland Day, dear man, and my congratulations to all women, of course, who is related to this holiday! In the photo – dad Perfilov Yuri Ivanovich during his service in Dresden in 1964,” shared Valerie.

“I like the Colonel’s daughter would like to congratulate all defenders with a holiday. Thank you! Thank you for everything,” wrote Catherine Barnabas.

Natasha Ionova has published pictures with their favorite men – husband Alexander Chistyakov, and friend, producer Sam Harutyunyan. And wrote that a woman’s happiness depends on men near.

“It is very important which next to the woman men! It depends on her happiness. No matter how we may seem independent, super-business woman and boy-women who have everything under control! It is the man determines what is beside him is a woman. I’m with these guys will always be a little girl. And what you want, my good! With the holiday, men!” – said Natasha Ionova.

But Ekaterina Strizhenova unexpectedly congratulated with a male celebration of women as “military friends”.

“Dear “fighting girlfriend” his defenders family! I wish you only to inspire, guide, and ardently loving their men! With a holiday!”, – posted by Catherine Strizhenova.

Some are not just congratulations, but also decided to speak on the topic “Who is the real man”. This is particularly managed Bezrukovo Irina and Anfisa Chekhova. Anfisa wrote a code of a real man, which included several major principles, such as, “do not cry, not to offend the weak, to endure the women’s whims and tantrums”, “keep word, to provide and care”, “be strong, brave, honest, loyal, humorous” and “in the end, to defend the Motherland, to perform feats, to hammer nails, the mother-in-law to love!”. Your post Chekhov has finished unexpectedly: the main thing, “a man should BE! With the holiday,” concluded Naomi.

“Dear men! Happy holidays to you! This photo is no coincidence. They say that men like fast and beautiful cars, right? Well ladies cute too. But seriously, I’m glad I had a chance to know (even a little), but real, decent and beautiful men! And I see excellent examples in their environment, in the circle of his friends, colleagues, acquaintances. See loyal, strong spirit, generous, smart and talented young and Mature! The man is not a name and not age, is the ability to keep his word, the ability to make men’s actions! Thank you! Thank you for bearing with our weaknesses and quirks. You are an example many “bryonoides” and “aging infantile boys.” For you!” – posted by Irina Bezrukova.