The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova

Звезды шоу-бизнеса и политики вступились за Юлию Самойлову The decision of the SBU on the prohibition of the singer at the entrance to Kiev celebrities regarded as cowardly act. Today it became known that Yulia Samoilova will not take part in the song contest “Eurovision”. The artist will not be able to come to Ukraine for three years.

      Звезды шоу-бизнеса и политики вступились за Юлию Самойлову

      Serious scandal has resulted in the preparation of Yulia Samoilova to the “Eurovision” song contest, to be where the singer dreamed of my entire adult life. On the eve of the security Service of Ukraine made the decision on ban on entry for artist with disabilities. The statement of the representative of the Ukrainian authorities, posted on her personal page on Facebook that deserves special attention, has caused a storm of indignation among the public. To respond to this message hastened as the famous politicians, stars of domestic show business, and fans of the gifted singer, eagerly awaiting the start of the main musical contest of Europe. In an instant, the social network literally “blew up” posts with words of support to Yulia Samoilova, who, in the opinion of Internet users has become a victim of senseless political games. Julia Samoylova deprived of the opportunity to speak at the “Eurovision”

      The first channel, which chose Julia Samoylova as the representative of our country at “Eurovision”, reacting to the incident, hinted that fans of the contest relied on the prudence on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, but, unfortunately, these hopes were in vain. However, later the representatives of the channel said that the singer will perform from Russia next year.

      “Even given the opportunity to look civilized in the Ukrainian side of common sense is not enough” – said the TV channel.

      To speak about the incident hastened the European broadcasting Union. Representatives of the organization stressed that the decision of the SBU disappointed them.

      “We must respect the local laws of the host country, however, deeply disappointed by this decision, as we believe that it is contrary to the spirit of the competition, and the notion of inclusivity, which underpins its value. We will continue the dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities that all artists can perform at 62-th Eurovision song contest in Kiev in may,” – said in a statement.

      Philip Kirkorov, which for several years has consistently appeared on the Eurovision song contest as a member of the delegation, did not leave unnoticed the situation around Yulia Samoilova. He believes that all the participants who will represent their countries at the competition, it is necessary to tell from the stage words of support for the Russian singer. Philip Bedrosovich intends to send letters calling for artists who will take the stage in Kyiv. Kirkorov believes that music should be apolitical.

      Julia Chicherin admitted that was never interested in Eurovision and didn’t even watch the show. However, this year it is intended to monitor the progress of the contest and was going to root for Julia Samoylova. It supported the singer, who was so eager to represent Russia.

      “I want to convey my colleague Julia Samoilova: congratulations! Once again SBU scared singer, the territorial integrity of Ukraine is in danger again. It’s better than dubious singing competitions, sometimes winning bearded women. Much more pleasant to the ban on entry than on exit from this jar of spiders”, – commented Yuliya Chicherina “StarHit”.

      Dina Garipova, who represented our country at the international song competition in 2013, is trying to remain impartial in a situation where mixed policies. “StarHit” contacted representatives of the actress to find out her attitude to everything. The singer hopes that Julia will be able to realize the dream and still go on stage of “Eurovision”.

      Iosif Prigozhin told the “StarHit” about what he thinks about the ban of demonstrations in Kiev, Russian participants.

      “Nothing new to me. They are afraid the girl in the wheelchair. We should refuse to participate in “Eurovision”, a second-rate competition. The fact that one day we were invited to perform in Ukraine. None of the great artist became a star thanks to “Eurovision”. So this contest is not determinative of the singer. We see that universal principles do not work even against people with disabilities,” says the producer.

      Diana Gurtskaya was represented at the “Eurovision-2008” Georgia. The artist believes that the Ukrainian authorities had violated the terms of the contest and even expresses the opinion that Kiev should be denied the opportunity to take artists in may.

      The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova did not leave without attention the situation that has affected Julia Samoylova.

      “All the power of the SBU in recent days was aimed at proof of the axiom “one law for all”. Somehow triggered this thesis is on the territory of Ukraine but with Russian singer. In relation to other people, including Ukrainian citizens, the integrity manifest is not going to Kiev”, – expressed his opinion Zakharova.

      Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevo, which in 2014 was on the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen, admitted to “StarHit” that was unpleasantly surprised when I learned about the refusal of entry of Yulia Samoilova.

      “Today, hearing this news, we were shocked – how and why? Without Russia, Eurovision is not Eurovision, so many years participate in the competition. When we went to Denmark three years ago, was a very friendly atmosphere among the singers of different countries. To us a very warm attitude, especially as we were the youngest. Julia is a hero, we will support it. Wish her good luck and patience”, – shared his reasoning Maria Tolmacheva.

      Singer Jasmine is also supported by Samoilov, who will be forced to miss Eurovision this year. “I will not go into politics, I want to say only this great, strong girl: Julia, you’re a good sport, you’re a real fighter! And let happened what happened, but your strength, courage and talent are worthy of respect and admiration! For us you are the winner!” the singer wrote in the microblog.