The stars of “Hotel Eleon”: “After the shoot we cut a basin Olivier in a minute!”

Звезды «Отеля Элеон»: «После съемок мы шинкуем тазик оливье за минуту!»
On the screen they are knives, and in life — best friends.

Звезды «Отеля Элеон»: «После съемок мы шинкуем тазик оливье за минуту!»

Olga Kuzmina, Gregory siyatvinda and Anna Begunova: “Any dish will turn out delicious if the cooking process to make the game”

Photo: Anatoly Kulagin

Salads in tartlets, hedgehogs, pear, sparkling wine, ashes and other “features” of the new year’s table from the stars of the series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon”.

The actors, who starred first in the legendary “Kitchen”, and then in the sequel, “the Hotel Eleon” on the channel STS, is now at the plate feel like a fish in water. After all, for these projects a few weeks taught culinary art! Olga Kuzmina, Anna Begunova and Gregory siyatvinda shared his secrets with the “7D” — how to make Christmas dinner memorable.

“Festive table we try to do traditional, but this year will serve classic new year salads — Olivier, crab — in an unusual way. Not the pots and tarts, — said Olga Kuzmina. — Very convenient to overeat does not work, but the salads look real decoration of the table. By the way, in tartlets can be “packaging” and other foods: for example, caviar or red fish with cream cheese”.

Звезды «Отеля Элеон»: «После съемок мы шинкуем тазик оливье за минуту!»

“On the festive table can be “winter” drinks such as punch or mulled wine, but we are for the traditional champagne!”

Photo: Anatoly Kulagin

Anna Begunova friend did not agree, immediately making it clear who in the company is conservative, “And we are all exactly the opposite! Our Olivier should be, firstly, certainly with a doctoral sausage, and second, it should be a lot — a huge basin, and to the point! For the salad in our family recently meets Sergei (husband of Anna actor Sergey Lavygin, the performer of the role of the chef Canopy. — Approx. ed.). Usually I cooked, but after so many seasons of filming in the “Kitchen” and now “Hotel Eleon” he went through this training that chop a huge bowl of salad for the whole family for him — a matter of minutes. In no case do not buy ready-made salads at the supermarket. In the same buzz Olivier: on the eve boil the vegetables and leave to cool in the refrigerator or on the balcony to clean his hands of the hated taters in their jackets, which can not be separated peel…”

“I’m all for the classics! — smiling Gregory siyatvinda. — My favorite Christmas meal — the traditional herring under a fur coat. And suddenly my life is, you see, States: “the herring have to add grated Apple!” Never! Fruit in salad is not the place. In fairness I tried the herring with Apple, but this is a dish from another cuisine. It’s not my “coat” and not my New year! I’m generally a supporter of traditions. But a note of burnt with the desire the glass is cast: a couple of times I tried, but I do not remember after this ceremony stunning results. The only thing I believe that it is necessary to have time to open, pour and SIP champagne until the last strike. Here then all will be well!”

Звезды «Отеля Элеон»: «После съемок мы шинкуем тазик оливье за минуту!»

“Be sure to use for the preparation of Christmas food products are bright colors, especially in the year of the Fire Rooster.”

Photo: Anatoly Kulagin

“This year we will have some champagne. But first put to bed our son, Theodore, who less than a year,” says Anna Begunova. Child theme supported Olga Kuzmina: “Our son is the Proud for three years, and thanks to him my husband has mastered the children’s meals. For example, make a hedgehog from pear. Simple and cute. Clean nose of pear, divide it in half, insert toothpick, and on these grapes. Work and fruit for the table and decoration! I want to not just “sit and eat”: when you can, and soup to get, in the end. I want everything to be particularly beautiful, so flow is very important!”

Звезды «Отеля Элеон»: «После съемок мы шинкуем тазик оливье за минуту!»

Olga Kuzmina: “After filming several seasons of “Kitchen” at the plate we feel like fish in water”

Photo: Anatoly Kulagin. Olga jumper Amina Rubinacci

“In a beautiful feed — half of the success of the food agreed siyatvinda. — Once I dreamed of a roasted pig on a Christmas table, forgive me, vegetarians. For me it was something from the Russian fairy tales. And I did it! Little pigs baked whole, from top to heartily slathered with sour cream. It was very tasty!

“And I as a main dish for new year’s table is roasted Turkey, — has shared Anna. — Stuffed with oranges, and in the final pour sauce from the same oranges and red wine. What about you Ol?” “I believe that new year’s eve while “reach” to the main course, already have won’t… And anyway, the main thing — whatever food on the table, to celebrate the New year at home. Not in an exotic country, and with family and friends here, riding on a sled and arranging dances around the Christmas tree”.

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