The stars of “Dancing” Nesterovich and Reshetnikov were married

Звезды «Танцев» Нестерович и Решетникова поженились

In the morning the Internet is buzzing: they still got married! The proposal by Katya Reshetnikova the winner of the project “Dancing” Max Nesterovich made in the air all over the country, and the wedding of their friends in social networks broadcast.

The first photo was posted by the bride herself. Recently it was asked about whether there will be a wedding. After the TV project “Dancing” viewers first saw the sensual room max Nesterovich and Katya Reshetnikova, and then heard the proposal made on stage, the continuation of the story seemed to have been expecting the whole country! The more that young people, as it turned out, a long time together, have been Dating for 8 years.

“This project I needed to grow up. And to start making decisions,” admitted the stage Nesterovich. And, dropping on one knee and asked his partner and choreographer of the project: “will You be my wife?”

Friends of the pair claim that the proposal was not the first, but before Kate it seemed that Max was not serious enough. Now she said Yes! However, her attitude towards max can be seen in how she ached for a loved one, and in the doubles room, which was set for him, with a kiss and synchronous replay branded movement Nesterovich.

However, direct questions about the wedding Kate answered evasively. Just a few days before the celebration she visited a master-class in Novosibirsk, where he preferred to comment on the project and not a personal relationship.

“Yes, on the project there is a person for whom I am a fan, smiled Reshetnikova. – Favorite number? Are you suggesting a room with max the song of Julianne Karaulova “Verbania”? Yes, this is a very sensual and high quality dance.”

And a snapshot from the wedding hastened to share, accompanied with a short comment: “something.”

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As for the friends of the couple invited to the wedding, some of them taking all the celebration in detail and immediately posted in the social network. Was among the guests, for example, one of the most popular participants of the first season of the “Dancing” Anton Panufnik.

Fans of Katya and Maxim enthusiastically comment on videos and photos, admire the spectacular cream-colored bridesmaid dress with open back and chlef. As for the groom, opinions about his stylish black suit with short pants divided.

“Why is he barefoot?” – ask some.

“It’s in style!” – competently comment on others.

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