Звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» Елена Ясевич вновь стала мамой Clairvoyant gave birth to a second daughter. Yasevich shared a joyous event in the social network. The representative of the ex-contestants of the TV show told how Elena feels. She gave birth in Saint Petersburg.
Звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» Елена Ясевич вновь стала мамой

The star of “the battle of psychics,” Elena Yasevich became a mother for the second time. Psychic published a picture from the hospital, in the legend, she presented the baby. “Meet! Tatyana. That’s how we spent the last day of winter and ushering in a new, happy life. What you all want and want,” said a happy mother. “StarHit” contacted the representative Yasevich.

“Lena gave birth today around PM beautiful girl. Feels good. I gave birth in St. Petersburg in the best perinatal center named after Almazov”, – said the Director of Olga.
Звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» Елена Ясевич вновь стала мамой

Yasevich also made contact with “StarHit”. Clairvoyant reported height and weight daughters 50 cm, 3050 kg. She was pleased with the professionalism of medical staff.

Fans want Elena and newborn health and happiness. In her Instagram people leave nice comments. “Congratulations! All the best baby! Good health! Good appetite! Quiet nights”, “how lovely! Happiness”, “You are a super woman,” wrote people.

She Yasevich initially thought that give birth a few weeks earlier. She was glad that the baby was born in February. “This time of transition from the year of the Fire Rooster to quiet an earth Dog. Born in this period the babies will grow into creativity, but with a set of mundane qualities. In the future, they can choose a profession as artist and economist,” – said Elena in the forecast for this year.

We will remind, Elena has another daughter that was born in 2005. Little Cindy viewers could see at the final ceremony of the 12th season of the show “Battle of psychics”. In the microblog Yasevich often share snapshots with family and friends. “Every mother should remember that one day her daughter will follow her example and not her advice. Wish myself and all of you moms of wisdom,” Lena wrote on Instagram about the scenes with his daughter.

Sometimes the mystical star of the show gives subscribers useful tips. “I want to change the fate obstrigli hair. According to mysticism, to trim, to shorten the hair, certainly means to make a step towards change in their lives. According to the old Testament injunction, “to renounce hair” and “throw them all evil,” was cut her hair only people who have experienced emotional shock. The vows meant a step towards a spiritual rebirth, rejection of his former identity…. So I’m going to meet a new,” admitted Elena.