Звезды приготовили семиметровую пасту Celebrities took part in a culinary battle from the Studio Culinaryon. Celebrity has mastered Italian cuisine. A gastronomic adventure ended with the issuance of diplomas.

      Звезды приготовили семиметровую пасту

      23 may the stars of Russian show business invited to the biggest cooking Studio Europe Culinaryon in the center of Moscow. Laura dzhugeliya, Konstantin Andrikopulos with his wife Olga, athlete Ekaterina Skudina, TV presenter Irina sashina and others took part in this culinary battle. Under the guidance of leading chef Culinaryоn Alexei Fumes the guests were asked to cook three Italian dishes: eggplant Parmigiano, spaghetti, Chitarra with porcini mushrooms and black truffle and dessert – Semifreddo with Amaretto and almonds.

      “This is not my first experience with the stars,” says Alex Smoke “StarHit”. Some gave us their cooking classes. For example, we baked a cake with Danila Kozlovsky, Leroy Kudryavtseva, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonova, Marika… of Course, if the guest bungles, we take the most difficult part of cooking for themselves. He leave it simple. Everybody goes home a winner!”

      Star chefs of the evening, immediately divided into four teams. Each was assigned an individual table. At first a clear explanation of the chef, many frightened. Because to reproduce dishes from the offered products, and adhere to the culinary standards needed for memory! However, after 15 minutes, each team was ready for the first agenda item of the evening – eggplant. They only send in the oven and wait.

      “I was once at a cooking class at Julia Vysotskaya, says leading TVC Irina sashina. – Never boiled an earthen pear – the Jerusalem artichoke. So I was surprised by the fact that it is a great substitute for potatoes – I’m not liking it. In Culinaryon got the first time! By the way, the next day repeated the “eggplant Parmigiano”, they turned out very tasty. Include them in your diet”.

      Звезды приготовили семиметровую пасту

      Cooking spaghetti, Chitarra with porcini mushrooms and black truffle was the most fun. The men immediately took the most difficult part of the recipe began to knead and turn the piece of dough into a sausage. The girls passed it several times using a special machine. In the struggle of the long rolled dough winners was not. Almost every team it has turned out seven.

      “Definitely want to try to cook pasta,” says Laura dzhugeliya. Never knew she was so done! Cooking at home is not – due to the tight schedule remains on time. Is that Breakfast on the weekends. But I love to eat! And the show inspired me. We have friends zadumyvaet periodically to get together and cook something delicious. Want to invent light meals and even create your own exclusive menu.

      For dessert, guests were asked to create a Semifreddo with Amaretto and almonds. In plain language ice cream. The main highlight of the process was fast freeze: beaten egg poured cold nitrogen.

      “A magical event! – shared his impressions with “StarHit” Konstantin Andrikopulos. – Everything went great! Teamwork at the highest level, and a guarantee of a good mood! I love to cook. But the house is unlikely to be able to repeat these dishes! For example, cans of nitrogen I certainly not there in the kitchen Cabinet”.

      During the time spent at the stove, at guests of a battle in earnest appetite. Dishes were immediately served to the table and quickly devoured. And ended with a gastronomic adventure diploma mills.

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