The stars have gone underground for a fashion show

Звезды спустились в метро ради модного показа

Last night in the capital’s subway could easily deal with Ksenia Sobchak, Olga Shelest, Polina Gagarina and many other stellar fashionistas.

For ordinary people in the subway is nothing special. Every day with it, millions of Muscovites commute from home to work and back. For stars the same subway – a wonder. Oh, how all alarmed to learn that the new collection of Alexander Terekhov scheduled at the metro station “Dostoevskaya”. “How is it? — puzzled star fashionista. Going down into the subway in the evening rush hour?” It certainly sounds absurd.

But for today almost all the stars have decided on a victim. Polina Gagarina, Ksenia Sobchak, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Marina Kim, Olga Shelest and many others on Monday evening I was walking down Broadway.


Video posted by SB (@a030aa) Oct 24 2016 12:20 PDT

Looking at the endlessly photographed stars have the feeling that some of them in the subway went down for the first time. Selfie on the escalator selfie at the portrait of Dostoevsky, a selfie here and there, Yes, literally every post! Svetlana Bondarchuk even in the video decided to capture this sweet moment in her biography. It definitely amused regular users of the metro.

The station for the sake of stars do not overlap. Blocked only the side aisles, so passengers can pass on their business. Or to stay and free to take a look on the fashion event and all the assembled elite.

“Terekhov found, in my opinion, the perfect formula between commercial collection and real art! Superstyle, wearable and fashionable! — shared his impressions of Ksenia Sobchak, which, according to eyewitnesses, because of her position it was most difficult to squeeze in the crowd to his seat. — Well, the show at metro with the historic display of McQueen’s Moscow such did not see. Congratulations!”

Xenia right, the first time the catwalk in the subway was shown in 1997 at the depot at the station “Sokol”. Alexander McQueen then showed his second collection for Givenchy. Later, Jean-Paul Gaultier was allowed to steer in the Moscow subway locomotive. But the display in the subway at rush hour, but still not very closed to the station – this was perhaps the first time.

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