The stars have declared war on the Bozhenov Rynska for insulting the victims of the crash

Звезды объявили войну Божене Рынске за оскорбления жертв авиакатастрофы Representatives of show-business, commented on the act of a secular observer. A couple of days ago Bozena left the post on his page in the social network, where sharply spoke about the victims of the tragedy with Tu-154. Russian celebrities joined about deprivation of the woman citizenship.

      Звезды объявили войну Божене Рынске за оскорбления жертв авиакатастрофы

      For the second day discusses the behavior of the secular browser Bozena Rynska. The woman allowed herself to leave the social network post, which spoke sharply about the NTV group who died in the tragedy with Tu-154 on Sunday. Internet users decided that such an act cannot go unpunished. People leave their voices in the petition, which proposed to deprive the journalist of the Russian citizenship. Bozhenov Rynska can expel the victims of the crash of Tu-154

      Kseniya Sobchak, Bozhena Rynska and has long lost friendships that they once did. Chief editor of the periodical spoke about the behavior of former friends in his column, which called the woman’s behavior is very strange.

      “Bozena writes many things for which she would hate even those who can’t read. She does it, apparently quite deliberately. Such a passion for shocking me quite clear, since I gave her the tribute of twenty years or so, during the “Blonde in chocolate”? – said Sobchak.

      According to Xenia, Rynska loves that her posts are discussing. “Nothing gives her greater pleasure than to act in the role of the old woman Shapoklyak. She more than fulfils the dividends from this gets. Every time you write in social networks “damn you!”, in the tender heart Bozena blooms, another the violet,” added the leader.

      Subscribers Sobchak supported her position in social networks, expressing their point of view on the situation. “I do wonder how still this Bozena walk the earth”, “Bozhenka need psychological help, her resentment and eats and for a long time. Nerves no good, life isn’t the one that she so desperately wants,” “what Bozena wrote, it’s just awful, and “out of place” it can not be called,” wrote a follower.

      Producer Maxim Fadeev has launched a real flash mob in Instagram, which aims to collect as many signatures in the petition on the deprivation of Bozena citizenship. “I rarely react to such statements, but this time I have no words,” – said Fadeev, calling the statements of women “monstrous”.

      Composer supported Iosif Prigozhin, Natalia Ionova, Nargiz Zakirova, and many other representatives of Russian show-business. In turn in office of public Prosecutor of Moscow will check the words of the journalist for incitement of hatred, hostility and humiliation of a person or group of persons.