Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей The astrologer explained that was the reason many high-profile divorces. Fans are still wondering what broke up brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and others.
Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

One thing is certain – each current pair was destined to go through its cycle: from first kiss to divorce. It is fate, which framework is exposed. No wonder there is a popular saying of will Rogers : “All weddings are similar to each other, but divorce is interesting in its own way”. Astrologer Tasha Igoshina tried to understand why the famous couple was fate that their Union gave to each other, as well as shed light on the reasons for the separation.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Comparing two cosmogramma immediately allocate that Yang element Angelina Jolie (fire and air) dominates a strong element of land from brad pitt. When there is a strong love, they attract each other, but as soon as problems begin, to pretend that everything is fine becomes a difficult task. Saturn in Cancer in Jolie binangon with Pluto in Libra says that this marriage could not have been avoided, he karmically inherent in the fate of the actress.

Despite the gap, the Union turned out amazingly creative and prolific. To love without thinking about the past is difficult, but the pair managed it. I’m sure this is the case when partners, trying to become whole, was defeated. Two lights must be stars, periodically charging each other with love energy.

Olga Buzova – Dmitry Tarasov

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

In fact, Buzova just “outgrew” the level of Tarasova, “after” the marriage, and she had not noticed, immediately falling into … post-divorce depression. Footballer and TV presenter was needed as a donor “crazy productive” energy, which once has ceased to work for him, just fell away as useless. It is important to remember – all of that is done, the better. Olga inevitably had to lose something, to go further towards their goals and become stronger and wiser.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan – Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

Essential stellium of planets in the sign of Sagittarius have Vitalina might not work. She always wanted to be not how rich, how famous. And to do that, if not because of their merit, from the advantageous partnerships. But since she has Jupiter in Leo in conjunction with Lilith, then the glory came out with a few different quality. It gives a few false directions in creative work and the wrong attitude to fame.

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей“The egregore of Lilith could easily screw with any partner therefore it is not surprising that Armen Dzhigarkhanyan into this energy and to focus not notice the fact that was obvious to others. Most likely in one of the crash programs, Lilith, the Director woke up and saw the “real” Vitalinu. On the other hand, nothing is so easy, and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan have to think about where and why he changed his road. Maybe to create another masterpiece?” says Tasha Igoshina.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Rezo Gigineishvili

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

Powerful essential stellium of planets in Libra (Mars – Saturn – Pluto ) in cosmogramma resolution initially suggests several marriages in a lifetime, each of which can exist in about seven years, as a key planet responsible for it partnerships is Saturn which is in opposition to Fortuna. Therefore, to assess whether brought the marriage Rezo luck or not, difficult.

As for Hope, this person is artistic, passionate and loyal, devoted to his family, body and soul. She couldn’t just let go of this relationship. Let’s hope that her square between the Sun and Neptune will help her be creative not only in art, but also to build partnerships in the future.

Victoria Bonia – Alex Smerfit

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

The impossibility of legal marriage in the relationship of Victoria Boni with Alex Smerfit it would be possible to predict cosmogramma. Venus in connection with the Cross of destiny in the sign of Sagittarius – relationships with foreign “Prince”, where doom stated the difficulty to cross the family tradition. Although I’m sure the institution of marriage itself has long become obsolete. I think Victoria knew about it and went to such a relationship consciously, and from the position of PR.

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей“I think Victoria knew about it and went to such a relationship consciously, and from the position of PR. For Alex Smerfit this novel was a vivid adventure. Alternatively, they tried to show his family the ability to make independent decisions, contrary to tradition. Sure, before you decide on a formal relationship, Alex is more than a novel, bliznevsky energy so just don’t be fooled” – said the astrologer.

Keti Topuria – Leo Gaykhman

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

Studying cosmogramma Keti Topuria, it is impossible not to pay attention to Venus in conjunction with Pluto in Scorpio. Singer need the passion, and they, as we know, in private life and family relations go. Gaykhman Leo, Aries with a Fish manners, a charismatic entrepreneur, workaholic, connoisseur of art (Jupiter with Venus in Pisces), could not feel the searing energy Skorpiona Venus. A couple had to bring back a large wave of passion which, unfortunately, as practice shows, are not durable and highly resonant. Wave is gone, leaving the stones of which it is necessary not only able, but want to build something.

Fedor Bondarchuk, Svetlana Bondarchuk

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

Do not look for deep reasons of divorce of star pair, they have simply outgrown itself. We must pay tribute that we witnessed a long-term cooperation of energy Taurus and Libra and the energy of the earth can not tolerate air. And if both work, has been getting more fun with this than stay together, they had to divorce. But, on the other hand, not less important, is another aphorism Gabor: “Divorce only because I don’t love, almost as silly as to get married just because you’re in love.”

Lyubov Tolkalina – Egor Konchalovsky

The Union of Tolkalina Konchalovsky turned into friendship, and the other could not be, as appeared the strongest structure of Aquarius and Capricorn, manifested in their common ruler Saturn. 20 years together (3 cycles of Saturn) and relatively “peaceful” separation.

Love can not be eternal, for life only the children. Not to speak about the explosive, unpredictable nature of Tolkalina, which was to find a quiet, but stiff resistance Konchalovsky. Real friends they would only be after the divorce. The relationship has outlived its usefulness. Two cool characters lacked tenderness and softness that they can and should find more sensitive partners. We should rejoice in the fact that we observed an interesting Union.

Roman Abramovich – Dasha Zhukova

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей

Very pronounced element of water Roman Abramovich can not create a lot of mysteries that are apparent both in business and in relationships. And I’m sure many of them will remain unknown. The time will come, and we learn about them, but not before, when it wants the novel.

Звезды не сошлись: почему распались браки знаменитостей“The connection of Jupiter with Saturn and the subsequent Pluto in Libra in cosmogramma Dasha Zhukova had to give her famous marriage. Bliznetsova nature Dashi prone to variety, only not so hidden, like the Roman. Hobbies both are equal, but the openness of the Pan-not good enough for Abramovich. The result – a divorce,” explains Tasha.

Anfisa Chekhova – Guram Bablishvili

Jump over their own destiny Anfisa difficult. A strong stellium of planets in Sagittarius (popularity) polutorospalnye to the moon in Taurus (strong family), tells us that, in spite of thrift, hospitality, skilled hands Chekhova, creating long-lasting family relationships is clearly difficult.

Moreover, its Streltsovsky fire is opposed to the pragmatic earth element Guram Bablishvili, which, on the one hand, able and willing to provide Anfisa, on the other, does not understand many of her actions. In the best case the Fire should warm up the Ground in the worst Ground to cover over the fire. Thank Anfisa sooner or later was to become the stumbling block in this relationship.