The stars are asked to give Lazarus the people’s artist

Звезды просят дать Лазареву народного артиста

Meanwhile, Jamal already had won the title

This year the contest “Eurovision” from songs miraculously turned into a political and megatriorchis. In Ukraine, Jamal was greeted as a national hero, which is not something that won the Amateur art, the whole world is saved, and homeland in particular. At the airport the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk square promised her the title of people’s artist. Is to pay tribute to the singer, she to promise officials reacted calmly, Curling that for her it’s just paper. Most importantly, the love she feels.

But still one of love and recognition of the Ukrainian authorities was not limited. Petro Poroshenko still awarded winner of “Eurovision-2016” the honorary title, calling it a triumph fantastic. The President of Ukraine stressed that Jamal today is important not only for the Crimean Tatars, which was dedicated to her song “1944”, but for the entire Ukrainian people. No more, no less.

In turn, domestic celebrities are asked Russian officials to give the title to Sergey Lazarev. He eventually finished in third place, but made the guy worthy. And viewers all over Europe gave the victory to him. With the proposal to reward our contestants were actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya.

“My girlfriend Dasha Kostiuk – a terrific circus artist – wrote me a letter. Quote: “Olesenka, Hello! I hope no one woke up. After yesterday’s experience, I wrote several posts on “Facebook”. One of them was a review with a proposal to apply for the title of national artist for Sergei. The title “people’s artist” implies not only the professionalism. And the question, whether not too early, no! My opinion – no! Very often titles give at sunset, when its function is only to boast in front of her grandchildren. Everything should be in favor of. That’s all. If you agree with me, then carry it to those who are willing to offer this candidate…“ Here are some excerpts from that letter. Supported?!” – wrote the actress in her Instagram.

Most of the subscribers Olesya and her friend supported. Considering how many of our politicians, actors, athletes and other creative people, believe that the request to the desired destination will go quickly. And it is possible that Lazarev was promoted.

By the way, some colleagues suggested Sergey to go and in 2017 for the contest, which will be held in Ukraine. And that such a move Bilan in due time was crowned with success. The more their number on the current “Eurovision” Lazarev himself did an excellent name and reputation in the Old World.


The movement to revise the results of “Eurovision-2017” is gaining more and more momentum. At 13:15 Moscow time the petition that will be sent to the organizing Committee, signed by almost 200 thousand people. The vote was attended by people from 53 countries. All the comments agree on one thing: the jury members were biased.

By the way

Only one award of the title of people’s artist singer Jamal in the square decided not to limit. Petro Poroshenko announced that the winner of “Eurovision 2016” should be more proud of the title of Hero of Ukraine.

“Due to Jamala’s victory at the contest “Eurovision 2016″ please accept to discuss the idea of giving it the title of Hero of Ukraine”, – said Petro Poroshenko on its official website.

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