The stars are asked to give Lazarus the “people’s artist”

Звезды просят дать Лазареву «Народного артиста»

As often happens, the contestant who has won “the Eurovision” on his return raised to the rank of hero, in addition to the universal love and respect he gets and even some awards. For example, the winner of “Eurovision 2016” Jamal, barely having time to arrive from Stockholm, at the airport out of the hands of the Minister of culture Eugene Nischuk received the title of people’s artist. The action seems quite logical…

Now to do the same Russian musicians and other culture figures campaigning to do about Sergey Lazarev.

In Russia, the performer of the hit ” You are the only one” returned in front of the whole country as a winner. Therefore deserves appropriate rewards.

In social networks this idea is touting the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya.

Here is what she wrote in her Instagram: “My girlfriend Dasha Kostiuk – amazing circus artiste wrote me a letter. Quote: “Olesenka, Hello! I hope no one woke up. After yesterday’s experiences, I wrote a few posts in the F. B. One of these was a review with a proposal to apply for the title of national artist for Sergei. The title of people’s Artist isn’t just about professionalism. And the question is not it too early? No! My opinion — no! Very often titles give at sunset, when its function is only to boast in front of her grandchildren. Everything should be in favor of. That’s all. If you agree with me, then carry it to those who are willing to offer this candidate…“ Here are some excerpts from that letter. Supported?!”

Followers Sudzilovskaia reacted positively to this proposal and expressed confidence that it will happen in the near future.

While some vote for the appropriation of Lazarus of people’s artist, the web is gaining increasing popularity vote for a recount final results of the “Eurovision 2016”.

At the moment the petition was signed by tens of thousands of people, including from abroad.

All the comments agree on one thing: the jury members were biased.

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