Звезда, которая оказалась за решеткой: Джейн Фонда

It proclaimed in the name of gratitude in handcuffs! 81-year-old actress Jane Fonda couldn’t get to the ceremony of the baftas, and to pick up the award for achievements in film. After all, the double owner of the award “Oscar” for that Friday in a row are arrested by the police. And all because of the environmental strikes that Jane Fonda organizes in Washington.
“I left my comfort zone and broke in their routine life. I moved here and every Friday so needless, as Greta Thunberg, I’ll arrange a strike against climate change!”, — said at one of the shows actress Jane Fonda.
Yes, it is such a desperate act quite elderly was inspired by the star 16 year old girl from Sweden. The one that recently put on the ears of the whole world with his speech at the UN summit. Having such a powerful example of Jane Fonda, is not going to just give up. At the request of the police to disperse, because, you see, it rally bothers passers-by, 81-year-old eco-activist does not pay attention for it on her hands regularly handcuffed.

Звезда, которая оказалась за решеткой: Джейн Фонда
But this is not the first time when Jane Fonda encounters with the police. “I came from Canada and I was detained at the airport, at that time I was taking a lot of vitamins and they were all Packed in small plastic bags and signed with the letters “S”, “O”, “U” — Breakfast, lunch, dinner. And they said that I’m drugs. It took them a month time to find out that it was only vitamins!”, — remembers the unpleasant incident, the actress Jane Fonda.

This incident happened in 1970, and the reason for this surprising arrest was that the US President Nixon simply didn’t like the actress. But at least, this convinces herself Jane Fonda.

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