Звезда, которая с детства знает, что такое трудности и нищета!

Звезда, которая с детства знает, что такое трудности и нищета!
No everyone is lucky enough to immediately become the Prince or Princess, for many had what
to do.
Look at star’s life and we can assume that she was well-fed and
luxurious, but many famous people can you remember from childhood only trouble and
hopeless poverty.

Challenges in childhood experienced and famous singer Vera Brezhneva. A successful singer
grew up in a large family in the industrial city of Kamianske. Parents who worked
in a chemical plant is constantly delayed wages. So about bright makeup
and fashionable clothes of the Faith could only dream. This is good if sisters after she had
to continue wearing something decent! Especially hard for the family to survive after the father
the family got in a car accident… Then came the days when Faith had a chance to even ask about
The star of “via gra” has started to work another 11 years, first as a dishwasher in a bar, then
at the market, mopping the floors in the hallways. The school Brezhneva absolutely not enough
time and Faith had no particular desire to come to class, where she is constantly offended
right up to fights because he was poor! Korotkometrazhka, bespectacled, round-shouldered and flat.
Is under 18 years of luxurious neckline Vera Brezhneva was not even planned. But
my prom came a real beauty!

“Dress gave me older sister, the shoes were my mom’s and I had a friend who was
master women’s hairstyles!”,- remember the famous singer and actress.
But to sit behind a festive table it did not, the parents did not let go. Future wife Meladze
stood under closed doors. And when the feast turned into a disco Faith allowed
dance with classmates.
Successful singer, soloist of the gold structure of group “VIA GRA” is now living absolutely
a different life, but about how hard he worked in childhood and adolescence are not forgotten. Would like but not
“My friends laugh that I take even in hotel rooms!”, -shares of Vera.
The singer has founded a charity Fund and ventured such only due to its heavy
childhood. “It became my platform to wish for more, want,
committed and achieve!”,- said Brezhnev.

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