Звезда, которая шокирует своим странным поведением – Том Круз

Звезда, которая шокирует своим странным поведением – Том Круз
Hollywood hunk Tom cruise, he’s too far retreated from marmalade singer Katya LEL. He’s just waiting for him to arrive the space ship. Don’t believe? So the actor teaches Scientology!

Scientology is such a whether science, or religion, which professes the idea that man is not only the genetic material, and the soul that can be reborn and experience little if not dozens of lives! However, if the ground will arrive the creators of all that exists, the congregation unable to escape from constant rebirth and Tom cruise looks out for their ship on the horizon. It was even spelled out among more than 800 items of the marriage contract with Katie Holmes.
“If the Ground will arrive the space ship Mrs Holmes will have to accompany her husband and support his every decision, in particular, to fly on a space ship or donate all the money to the aliens!”, — information extraction from a marriage contract.

Звезда, которая шокирует своим странным поведением – Том Круз
Not surprisingly, Katie Holmes, Tom have thrown the heels away from sin. Although the inadequacy of the actor suspected even when he fell in love with the cute brunette and confessed to it just in the program of Oprah Winfrey.
“I’m in love!”, — said Tom. The actor danced, fell on the sofa leading to the feet and pulled Katie from the dressing room straight to the Studio to the audience. But whatever love there was not, the Church of Scientology is still in first place.
When Katie Holmes gave birth That forbade her to cry. According to the laws of Scientology woman in childbirth should be silent and not to snivel, because the screams can break the psyche of the child!
With daughter Suri, by the way, That also doesn’t communicate! Can you guess why? Right! Because she professes the faith of his father, and went to the Catholic Church.

In General, fierce Scientologist Tom cruise could not stand still any woman! Their divorce from Nicole Kidman, this Church also had a hand, it is not surprising that Tom does not find a partner, you should, because a spacecraft sincere Scientologist without wife can not take!

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