The star of “Youth” talking about Botox

Звезда «Молодежки» заговорила о ботоксе
Sofya Shutkina — cheerleader Nastya is sure to hate their appearance — it’s a road to nowhere.

Due to the fact that 23-year-old actress my entire adult life engaged
and dancing, the role of the cheerleader Nastya in the series “Junior” turned out she has such
vivid and convincing. By the way, this dedication helped Sophia Succinol become very slim.

Although the actress, according to her, there was a period when she suddenly plumper. “In 16 years, there was a restructuring of the body, but I started
panic, rejection itself — until then, until I realized one thing. Every day tell yourself: I’m fat, ugly, hate is the path to nowhere. I tried to accept his new appearance
and already more quietly continued to fight for weight reduction”. The fight went the whole four years. “I don’t believe you can sit and
to lose weight miracle drugs, it’s all a hoax — sure, now the star of “Youth”. To
to have a beautiful figure, you have a lot of work, exercise and properly
to eat”.

Food, in fact, the subject of her special efforts, and unexpected discoveries. Not so long ago Sophia for ethical reasons to give up meat (replaced it
for example, nuts) and very soon began to notice that her skin is becoming cleaner and healthier.
Of course, with the help of a nutritionist, the actress does not forget about care, making masks. “But I don’t Kolya: neither vitamins nor hialuronico.
Prefer external care and cleaning of the body from the inside, which also improves the condition
skin — said Sophia. — But the fact that young girls are injected with Botox,
skeptical: I think this is a simple pumping money!”

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