Звезда «Молодежки» лечит себя от страха высоты
Anastasia Zenkovich found the perfect solution for their problems.

Photo: photo from personal archive Anastasia Zenkovich

Realizing that memories need not only to follow
food, but also sports, star of the TV series “Junior” Anastasia Zenkovich began to look for, what to choose. In
when she was dancing hip-hop. After graduation engaged in fitness and stretching, but I felt that this is not enough. Finally, the year
ago she had found a lesson for the soul started to take lessons in mastering snowboarding. She had heard that doing this extreme sport, involve almost all the muscles get stronger, fitter. “I wanted desperately to learn! But I always was terrified
height, speed, and is still afraid, — admitted the actress. Still, I decided to take a chance. I have had many instructors, different locations in the Czech Republic, Belarus, in the ski resort Arkhyz. Not to say that
I have already learned to skate and confidently stand on the Board. But when, after
all workouts for the first time pulled off a huge mountain is itself, without an instructor,
burst into tears of fear and happiness at the same time!”

Now Zenkovich dreams of snowboard camp
where they could hone their skills. And recently together with his
friend-instructor actress trained in
Krylatskoye — skiing complex “Lata Track”. And fully felt how she likes not only extreme, but also the whole environment. After all, snowboarding
both sports and travel, but also fun with interesting, in love with life
people. Anastasia even shared on his page in the social network: “Yesterday I conquered
“Lata Track”, managed to be secretive, to laugh; fought deduce that
I wanted to find brides grandchildren and pleaded with us to “take a picture” to remember; fall
with lift (if I fall one, and the children around laughing and fearlessly flew forward
with the mountains), drinking raspberry tea and had a great time! I want more!”

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