The star of “Youth” Anna Mikhailovskaya intrigued pregnancy

Звезда «Молодежки» Анна Михайловская заинтриговала беременностью The actress caused controversy in the Network, showing a new picture in the microblog. Anna Mikhailovskaya shared leptolobum that caused subscribers version about interesting women. Users “Instagram” asked the favorite, correct their guesses.

      Very often the reason for the gossip and rumors become ordinary photos published by the star online. Actress popular TV series Anna Mikhailovskaya intrigued their fans a contradictory picture. Followers of a young mother suspected her second pregnancy. Supposedly fans saw a beautiful woman tummy under coat. Is the celebrity for this reason while any comments did not give.

      “Pregnant?”, “I’ve also noticed”, “you’re so pretty! Waiting for a second baby or thought? Sorry if it seemed, but just very glad you are going again to be a wonderful mother! In any case, you are a talented and wonderful girl!!!”, “Either it just seems that way, but it seems like his tummy is”, “Still pregnant? So pretty, Waiting for a second?”, “Is she pregnant?”, “Means I don’t have one thought…”, he said users of the social network.

      Recall that the Mikhaylovskaya already have one child – actress together with her husband Timothy Karataev by her son Myron, who will soon turn two years. Parents loved the boy and try to spend more time with him. Despite a tight schedule – Anna is involved in several projects at once – a woman actively engaged in the development and entertainment of the baby. Walks in the Park, riding the rides, roller coaster on cheesecake and many other things she does to please the heir.

      By the way, about the first pregnancy celebrity did not tell very long, preferring to hide the interesting position and rounded tummy. At the request of fans to share the details Mikhaylovskaya did not react. Belle explained this reluctance to discuss intimate with the unfamiliar.

      But after birth, the star of “Youth” periodically tells the fans about the feelings experienced by being a mother. Anna is trying to arrange for Myron unforgettable holidays, then shares photos and details of the occasion with subscribers.

      “It seems to me that before the wedding I worried a lot less than before my son’s birthday. But as soon as I walked in and saw all the beauty, excitement immediately vanished. Everything was exactly as we wanted, even better. It was so beautiful and so much fun. The kids were in awe of the shows. Even the youngest guests of the festival took part in the competitions,” said Anna.