The star of “White sun of the desert” blames himself for leaving daughter

Звезда «Белого солнца пустыни» винит себя в том, что оставила дочь Now Raisa Kurkina is suffering from a lack of communication. The daughter and grandson of the artist live in Canada and don’t often indulge in an elderly relative of his visits. However, it does not require much from them – after all, when she had to give a child her grandmother to build a career.
Звезда «Белого солнца пустыни» винит себя в том, что оставила дочь

The actress Raisa Kurkina has gained huge popularity after the role of the wife of Paul customs officer Vereshchagin in the movie “White sun of the desert”. The Director of the movie was her husband Vladimir Motyl. They have a daughter Irina. However, due to the large amount of work – filming and rehearsals, she was unable to spend much time with the child, but because the education of girls engaged grandmother.

In 90-e years, Irina moved to permanent residence in Canada and now calls mom. 90-year-old Raisa Semyonovna is not offended, because she has nothing to blame her – they did not become close friends.

“I’m doing somewhere. I was there, the grandmother takes care of her. She thought that the mother lives, as some actors, but the grandmother to take care of me… I’ve suggested a” divorce”, ” Kurkin said.
Звезда «Белого солнца пустыни» винит себя в том, что оставила дочь

Irina appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”. She told me that she constantly talks to a mother calls and wants to know her life. Raisa Semenovna admitted that he was afraid to load their problems of loved ones. Daughter of the artist said that he really wants to see mom next to him and ready to pick up in another country. However, this idea is not like Kurkina.

“I was in Canada for three months. But from what all my life was not base on someone to count on, I was still in front. Son-in-law bought these pears, which I never ate,” admitted the actress.

The artist has a grandson Alexander, whom she adores. However, they had not seen for ten years. Dmitry Borisov asked the young man in the Studio. Kurkina almost wept from her overwhelming joy. Alexander had to explain why he took so long to visit grandmother.

“The last six years I didn’t take vacations are more than four days. Now changed job and will be able to come,” – said the grandson of the actress.

Experts in the Studio didn’t understand why native Raisa Semyonovna let myself take so long to visit an elderly grandmother. Irina told me that actually found the way out of the situation.

“I want to come, maybe six months here, six months there,” said daughter Kurkina.

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