Звезда «Уральских пельменей» сильно располнела из-за гормонального сбоя
Ilana St George life turned into a nightmare.

Ilana St. George

Photo: @ilana7788 Instagram Ilana St George

Ilana St. George came to the defense of “chasers here”. The star of “Ural dumplings” protested the persecution with which people, whose shape is far from model standards, are forced to face daily. This topic is for artist very painful. Now it’s hard to believe, but a few years ago, Ilan had to throw all forces on struggle to return to its former harmony. The fact that St George, as it turned out, happened a hormonal imbalance, for which she has dramatically gained weight.

“The body didn’t obey him. At all. I ate one low fat cottage cheese and drink 1% yogurt and get better, swollen. Became more and more. It’s a scary feeling… really… When you don’t control your body when your face becomes more than 5 times and changed facial features. And you don’t eat burgers and drink coke. But all around you say: “enough to eat”! I remember as a nightmare. Then hormones returned to normal and weight is normal. I always laugh that this is my husband’s love healed me. Because he loved me “doughnut”, when I myself hated,” said Ilana.

Now the actress is eating often but in small portions and also spends a lot of time in the gym. It helps Ilan to stay in good shape. “Don’t judge anyone, ever. You don’t know what circumstances made the man to look like. Personally, I now speak very carefully in the direction of “full” people. Judge not, lest ye be judged. You never know what will happen with you tomorrow ….” — reflects St. George.