Звезды «Уральских пельменей» откровенно рассказали о предательстве Нетиевского Artists remembered, as the expelled former Director. According to Dmitry Brechtken and Dmitry Sokolov, Nitievskiy did mean, as they appropriated the money team. Allegedly, the comedians they’ve lost not only team leader but also a faithful companion.
Звезды «Уральских пельменей» откровенно рассказали о предательстве Нетиевского

The star of the show “Ural pelmeni” Dmitry Breakin and Dmitry Sokolov, and their new CEO Evgeny Orlov decided to reveal the truth about the machinations of Sergei Natascha. Ex-team leader has filed a lawsuit, according to which former colleagues could not use the trademark “Ural dumplings”, but so far this issue has not been resolved. Nitievskiy resigned as team Director in 2015. Says Evgeny Orlov, former head otherwise presents information, talking about parting with a team of reporters. Ex-Director of “Ural dumplings” on the court: “This is the classic argument of the team with producer”

Звезды «Уральских пельменей» откровенно рассказали о предательстве Нетиевского“Sergei Nitievskiy, which had appropriated the money from television activities (selling programmes on STS), considered insufficient already has money. He is suing the team, trying to keep to dispose of old programs, the right to own the team and took. Wants to be the sole owner of the rights wants more and more. Lying in an interview that he left, although he was expelled from the team two years ago in shame,” – said Orlov.
Звезды «Уральских пельменей» откровенно рассказали о предательстве Нетиевского

Breakin and Sokolov who know Natascha many years, confirmed that he was cheating on them. When the show “Ural dumplings” start on STS, ex-Director is constantly talking about the low payouts from the channel. Team members decided to clarify the situation.

“One day on set he had a conversation with a representative of the CCC, during which we realized that in this business there is money. After that we had a meeting at our creative database and asked Natascha to come with all contracts and accounting documents. At the meeting it became clear that our friend stole our revenues from television activities. Neieskau had to admit,” explained Sokolov.

The comedian claims that they faced dishonesty Natascha and during the tour. According to Dmitry, Sergey received much more money from the organizers how they paid for the team. Bramatkin not know whether there is some explanation for this act of the person, whom they knew since College days.

“To say that it’s a shock — to say nothing. Can be compared with the end of the world! The reaction, as if people found out he had cancer… Apparently, he considered neither friends nor colleagues. Or no longer considered as such at some time”, – said Dmitry.

Some team members were hoping that he will apologize and change their behavior. They were willing to forgive him and go to the world. However, Sergei stood his ground, believing that is completely right.

“We said, “Well, it happened. Let’s call it “devil’s work” or “dizziness from success”. You’re wrong. You have a way out, you say, “OK, guys, I admit I was wrong. I will try to return something”. Know what he replied: “Yes you that? That you are all wrong, not me!” Then we kicked him out of the Directors, has created a new enterprise, we are creative, new projects”, – said Breakin

As admitted by the artists in an interview with “Interlocutor”, they lost a friend and comrade, Nitievskiy was a stranger.

We will remind that Sergey Nitievskiy with the scandal left the team in 2015. After this, the numerous trial. Former Director and comedians fought for the right to use the trademark “Ural dumplings”. In February 2017, the court rejected the claim of the opponents Natascha.

“This case was about six meetings. But the verdict was always postponed. I don’t understand why they wanted to solve everything through lawyers, because no one was hurt. When I was reinstated as Director in the autumn of last year, I gave the team the right to use the trademark as text, and combined, for a nominal fee of one ruble. I’m not sure, but it seems they wanted to charge me some monetary compensation,” – said the ex-Director.

Besides, Nitievskiy ordered former colleagues to pay the amount he has spent on the services of lawyers. The court demanded the team “Ural dumplings” to return the former producer of 300 thousand rubles.