The star of “Ural dumplings” Ilana St. George is worried about the health of the older child

Звезда «Уральских пельменей» Илана Юрьева переживает за здоровье старшего ребенка The Joker announced to fans that will never give a daughter in preschool. Her baby became ill after a visit to kindergarten. The artist believes that this is the fault of other parents.
Звезда «Уральских пельменей» Илана Юрьева переживает за здоровье старшего ребенка

Ilana Yuriev published online post, in which he complained of neglectful parents, that trap kids in kindergarten, have not recovered their viruses. According to the artist, which is why she decided not to let daughter Diana to class in preschool. The last few weeks the girl was sick. Tour schedule of umoristi heavily loaded, and in the education of children to help her parents. The star of “Ural dumplings” asked the podeschi, as they protect the baby from viruses and infections.

“In General, we have decided to quit kindergarten. Though we went there only for 3 hours, so to speak, to communicate with their peers, and for learning lessons: music, drawing, dancing, pool, activities for the development of logic. Garden we have a very good and beautiful, and the teachers I really liked. If not for one thing. Why moms lead to the garden goes untreated children? Why do You think that only You need to go about their business, but the others don’t?! Come in a group, half of the children coughing. Question: “Why let the sick children in the garden?!”. Answer: “They are not sick, they have residual” – shared Ilana on Instagram.

The participant of popular show said that after this her daughter was sick for a week. Back in preschool for three days, the girl picked up a new virus. “We decided that we do not need this development, and stagger home. Although doctors say that the disease is formed through the immune system of the child. Interestingly, and it is possible somehow in another way to shape without getting sick?” asked Ilana.

Recall, St. George recently became a mother for the second time. Despite the fact that during the pregnancy she gained a few pounds, the actress has managed in a short time to return to the previous form. According to her, regular exercise and a strict diet helped her to lose weight.