Звезда «Уральских пельменей» сбежала из столицы ради ребенка Ilana St. George has swapped the city for the countryside. The artist believes that living outside the city will have a positive impact on her daughter. Star Comedy show is sure: the time spent outdoors is the best it can be for a growing body.

      Звезда «Уральских пельменей» сбежала из столицы ради ребенка

      The participant of the show “Ural dumplings” Ilana St. George finally decided to say goodbye to a comfortable life in the capital and fled to his dacha outside Moscow, 70 km from the city. The star, which viewers are accustomed to seeing in the image of a glamorous beauty, went to such victims including for the sake of their infant daughter Diana.

      “Time spent outdoors is the best it can be, especially for children, – said 28-year-old Ilana with “StarHit”. – So whenever possible we try to leave the city. Fazenda is not close, and if I periodically go to work in Moscow, Diana remains in the country”. The actress admits that, like her husband, businessman Dmitry Dildin, loves his country home.

      “The best treat for us in the summer – vegetables and fruits from your own garden,” says St. George. – I like to go to the bath, and then tea with natural honey. And is good for health, and mental condition improves! The skin after such procedures become velvety, and if the next day in the garden will work, and you can still tan better than any foreign resort!”

      Ilana notes that little Diana, looking at how my mother works with a shovel, trying to contribute to the beautification of the suburban area. “As soon as they see me with the tools immediately in their takes, stands nearby and repeats after me,” laughs the star.

      St. George is also actively sharing photo patches with your followers in social networks, where the life of a star watching over 30 thousand people. In a blog a celebrity puts photos in rubber boots and with a shovel, providing an ironic caption: “Glamour-tuzhur! All the potatoes!”

      However, not everyone can understand the humor Ilana – some, for example, resent the fact that the owner of a chic hair working in the garden with her hair. Others believe that the second half of August – not the best time for planting potatoes. “I react sanely to criticism,” says St. George. – In life it’s important to treat yourself with irony, as to what is happening around – with humor.”

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