Звезда «Универа» довела себя до истощения
Julia Franz, deciding to lose weight, work out of a critical situation.

Julia Franz

Photo: from the personal archive of Julia Franz

was never complete, but one day (before the start of the film career) still tried
to change the figure: “then I weighed 55 kilos and slender, with forms, but I really wanted to be
refined, delicate, subtle”. She began to slowly abandon one product, two, three… And so carried away that in the end her diet of only vegetables, apples and yogurt,
she occasionally added bran. “I’m so used
to refuse food, which in the end didn’t want anything in principle. Could
to sit with friends in cafes and remain indifferent to delicious food. Relatives and
friends noticed that something was wrong, but I was difficult to dissuade if I
something decided. I am very fascinated by nature,” says the actress.

Two years later, she weighed
already not 55,
and 47 pounds. It seemed more and there is nothing to lose. But by that time, psychologically she is not
he could have stopped. “I remember my mother trying to persuade me to eat proves
that I’m fine. But I look at myself in the mirror and think: no, I’m
weren’t thin enough”, — said Julia.

To get out of the impasse she helped the flow…
in drama school. Yulia had to start to eat properly, to have energy to learn. And at first, she is faced with inexplicable “jumps” in weight. “Soon as I eat
a regular sandwich, my body was accustomed to low-calorie food, immediately
started to “stock up”. Almost everything she ate, was postponed on sides, belly.
There was a time when I recovered to as much as 58 pounds, and
then again inexplicably lost… well, both psychologically and physically
it has been difficult to return to a normal life.” And because of its harsh “diet”
the girl managed to spoil my stomach, it took so long to find a suitable
diet. The actress now weighs 53 pounds. Eat whatever you like, but small
portions. And
about the time of their experiments, says: “do not advise Anyone to repeat anything
like. How I ate then, too… fortunately, everything has stopped in time, the consequences could be disastrous.
Now I know that I can’t risk health for the sake of any fashion

That helped Julia cope with the exhaustion, but also about her beauty secrets, allowing the actress
to look great, read here.