The star of “Univer” found his wife missing in the disaster

Звезда «Универа» нашел жену, пропавшую в стихийном бедствии

In Thailand, the flood happened just at a time when there was the wife of actor Alex Lemar Marina.

Recently, the actor’s wife Marina went to the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, where she annually teaches yoga. The journey presaged only positive emotions: sea, sun, yoga, that is, complete relaxation. Alexei for his wife was not worried, until the Islands came element.

Almost a week of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui had heavy rains, and such that the flood started. People could not get out of the hotels to get home, there was no electricity, mobile communication, did not work shops.

When the actor’s wife stopped communicating with him, he was afraid that the worst had happened, and threw a cry for help in social networks.

“This video is from the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, where is my beloved wife. Many Russian families, especially those who don’t have cars are not able to get to the shops and buy food for themselves and their children. It rains 5 days with small breaks. Periodically turn off the light. Ferry traffic between the Islands, due to storm warnings stop. There are those who live in the jungle and has only bikes for transportation, to them, unknown. Palm trees blows the wind on the roads – lake connection, sometimes not. All wait out the bad weather, but when this nightmare will end is unknown. MOE, what do we do? His will save? Ready to fly with the volunteers from Moscow and to organize with your assistance delivery of food and medicine,” wrote Alex.

As the external reflection of the inner… Oh and I shook today. Thunderstorm and incessant rain + stress + unconscious emotions = emotional decline. Can be a long time to wash myself and bone to be in the shadow of losing vital energy or make choices to “get out of the shadows.” What are your methods? Share in the comments. Share: to Let out all the emotions very well to cry to Submerge its body and aura in contact with the correct people through communication, presence and feedback help to come into balance to cause someone welcome to buy me lunch, give a gift with a good positive movie, today, in my case, the movie “the Holiday” (by the way, advise a good movie) communication with mother p.s.: photo by unknown author made, though, and on Samui, but on Koh Phangan as well) For those who are jealous of us and Yes, in such moments, happy that givse on the mountain #epristeride #vytvareni #tadalafiltadalafil

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The actor was about to fly to rescue his wife, how suddenly nature if he had heard, and had mercy, and Marina found.

“The elements has calmed down, the rains have passed, on the Islands of Thailand the sun came out. Thank you all for your concern. Beloved wife found,” said Lemar.

For fans of the couple rejoiced and wished never to leave.