Звезду «Универа» Арарата Кещяна прооперировали The actor assumes that for two months he will have to forget about outdoor activities. Ararat, Kesan injured leg, then had surgery. This artist has assured fans that no major reason for concern, and soon he will be restored.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Ararat Kesan scared his fans with a photo in the microblog. In the picture he took of his leg wrapped with an elastic bandage from the knee to the ankle. According to Casana, a couple of months he will have to give up active recreation.

      “The doctor said: “Football in your life remains. But two months you just a theorist”. Well, the season started. At least watch,” wrote the actor on Twitter and assured fans that his health is not threatened.

      After the publication of such photos followers account stars of the series “Univer” hastened to Express their sympathy and did not stint kind words to the address of the artist. They wished him a speedy recovery.

      “Health you have strong, so all will be well! Get well soon!”, “Ararat, you are cool, just super. Recovering!”, “Kartoshka how can you be so postorogenic” sympathetic fans of the actor.

      Despite numerous questions about what happened to a famous actor, Ararat decided not to go into details. He only said that he underwent surgery. But what hurt the actor and under what circumstances, Cesan decided to leave in secret.

      Fans of the stars of the series “Univer” it is well known that Keshan loves football. Loaded the shooting schedule does not prevent him to allocate some time to go on the field with his friends. Also a famous actor tries to watch all the important matches and leave comments of what he saw in his microblog. Ararat constantly monitors what is happening in the world of football.

      Some fans even managed to find something positive in that for a couple of weeks, the actor will be confined to bed – so it will not divert any business from watching football matches.

      Not so long ago Ararat received a gift in the form of one of the players of Manchester United and England player Michael Carrick. Kesan very proud that he got Mike’s athlete of their favorite team. “I’m sorry, crumpled and not wash, but personally from Michael Carrick. Rather with him,” – did not hide the joy of Ararat and published a photo of the gift in his microblog.

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