The star of “twist of fate. The sequel to” beat brother

Звезду «Иронии судьбы. Продолжение» избил брат Cousin Aleksandra Berezovets-Skachkova struck her heavy blows. According to some information, the perpetrator is detained and against it criminal case. Status of the actress is unknown.

      Звезду «Иронии судьбы. Продолжение» избил брат

      Actress of Moscow art theatre. Chekhov Alexander Berezovets-Skachkova, remembered by the viewers for her role in the film “Irony of fate. Continued,” has suffered from the beating. According to police, the woman was beaten by her half-brother. The man struck the artist a few blows to the head. As reported in OMVD of Russia on area left Bank, the suspect in the beating were detained by law enforcement officers.

      “The district Commissioner detained a 33-year-old man, a native of Murmansk, on suspicion of beating his sister. It is established that during the arisen quarrel the man struck the victim several times,” – said the press service of the police.

      According to preliminary information, the brother came to Alexandra to visit. Between them there was a quarrel during which the man could not contain himself and pounced on the actress with his fists. As have informed in law enforcement bodies, against it criminal case under article “Beating”. In respect of the detained men preventive measure in the form of recognizance not to leave.

      Aleksandra Berezovets-Skachkova known for such films as “Real dad”, and also on Mat productions, such as “Groza” by Ostrovsky and “Marriage” by Gogol. By the way, recently the woman liked to be in a movie. “The theater has changed. I worked there for 15 years. Many of my partners are dead and gone, the plays were removed from the repertoire, nothing new and interesting there for me arose. And to sit and to wait – not in my nature. I was like a dried, withered. And therefore left. I better go and I’ll call if I need to. In the meantime, let others play,” said the actress in an interview.

      Berezovets-Skachkova came to conquer Moscow many years ago. To enroll in drama school, the future actress was engaged with the teachers of speech, learn to talk, to sing. The first attempt she failed to go to College. Later she was taken immediately to all College theater of the capital. However, she chose the school-Studio of MKHAT, the course of Alla Pokrovskaya.