Звезда «Голоса» готовится к рождению ребенка накануне свадьбы
Anastasia Spiridonova told about what you will do after you marry.

Anastasia Spiridonova with the groom

The star of “the Voice” Anastasia Spiridonova quite
going down the aisle. Wedding with the chosen one, with whom she meets a few
years, scheduled for mid-summer. The actress, however, thinks not only about the choice
dresses for the most important day in every girl’s life, a wedding cake, choice of location
conduct and many other Nasty already thinking about the long-awaited birth

Spiridonova decided to prepare for pregnancy
in advance. “I recently attended a lecture on the theme “Healthy pregnancy,”
said the singer. — After listening to all, and is only going to giving birth, I realized
what don’t you know, don’t know where to go, how to prepare, and what tests
better to take in advance. Decided to clarify this issue. Having been on
the reception experienced doctor, opened a lot of new! Did you know that if you
not had chicken pox, it is best to get vaccinated before conception, and it will take three
months? Or that conception is affected by a thyroid condition? I — no! But
the time we have, and I realized that with the availability of modern diagnosis
every woman has the opportunity to prepare for “much in advance””.

We will remind, the offer hands and hearts Spiridonov got in the end
last year in Amsterdam, where she and her fiancé went to
a romantic journey. Spiridonova, like many artists, I’m sure “happiness
loves the silence,” so about her fiancé, little is known. Even the name of the beloved
the singer keeps a secret. She calls him “beloved red man.” The fact
as the groom and the bride’s red, of course, is not passed by the fans
Spiridonova. A couple referred to as “two streaks of sun” and wish the “red gold