The star of “the Voice” Gabrielle increased buttocks

Звезда «Голоса» Габриэлла увеличила ягодицы After the roundness of the singer lost his old form, she decided to go under the surgeon’s knife. Friends have recommended a good performer medical professional. The result is Gabriella not only reduced the abdomen, and made your forms more enticing.

      Звезда «Голоса» Габриэлла увеличила ягодицы

      Participant of the fourth season of the show “the Voice” Gabriella da Silva had plastic surgery – implants inserted in the buttocks and reduced abdomen using liposuction surgeon Seymour Aliyev. After the birth of two children the roundness of the singer lost his old form. For this reason, the Brazilian decided to go under the surgeon’s knife.

      The star of “the Voice” Gabrielle is likely to remain in business

      “I have always believed that good plastic is only in Brazil, but no, – has shared with “StarHit” Gabriella. Once I saw a friend have a perfect stomach. Asked whether she was doing liposuction. She confirmed and recommended the Russian physician Seymur Aliyev. I decided to make not only the stomach, but increase the priest”.
      Звезда «Голоса» Габриэлла увеличила ягодицы

      After the surgery, the singer was lying for two days, on my stomach, it was bad. “The first week was very hard, – says the singer. – Pop was huge after surgery, then there was swelling, and now she is round and neat. And his stomach was as athletes. Everything turned out very nice and neat. The bruises are still there, but small. It was hard because after such surgical intervention is impossible to sit for two weeks. Only lie down. During all this time was attended by weakness and discomfort. But I am very happy. Now consider Russia as a country of skilled craftsmen”.

      Previously Gabrielle has resorted to services of plastic surgery. The star admits that decided to intervene in order to change their Breasts.

      “Cool, when there is an opportunity to correct deficiencies by surgery, told “StarHit” singer. – In Brazil, we have generally considered the norm to enlarge the Breasts, and no one hides. Why not, if it will add charm to woman and make her more attractive.”

      We also add that Gabriella always closely watching how she looks. To maintain the beauty she regularly asks to cosmetologists, but selects only those masters who may be trusted. She believes that every person is beautiful in their own way, and because of their individuality should be emphasized.

      We will remind that participant of the fourth season of the show “the Voice” Gabriella was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he became a famous singer. In 2008, the singer came to Moscow on tour, where she met her future husband, businessman Vitaly by Chekulaeva. Their romance developed so rapidly that in 2009, the lovers were married in Rio de Janeiro. And in 2010 the couple had a daughter. Currently, the TV star lives in Russia.